Sample project for Hangfire.Highlighter tutorial
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Sample project for Hangfire's Highlighter tutorial.

Consider you are building a code snippet gallery web application like GitHub Gists, and want to implement the syntax highlighting feature. To improve user experience, you are also want it to work even if a user disabled JavaScript in her browser.

To support this scenario and to reduce the project development time, you choosed to use a web service for syntax highlighting, such as or

Learning Points

  • Sometimes you can’t avoid long-running methods in ASP.NET applications.
  • Long running methods can cause your application to be un-responsible from the users point of view.
  • To remove waits you should place your long-running method invocation into background job.
  • Background job processing is complex itself, but simple with Hangfire.
  • You can process background jobs even inside ASP.NET applications with Hangfire.