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A simple, elegant, calm, responsive Hexo theme

Adagio is a tempo marking word used in music. My favorite adagio music is Saient Saens' The Swan. On the completion of this theme, its melody comes to my mind. So I decide to name this theme by Adagio. I believe the basic inspirations of music and design are identical. -- Hanlin DONG, the author.

DEMO site:

Getting started

Clone this repository to your local disk. Copy the directory adagio into your Hexo site themes folder. In _config.yml , replace the default landscape theme by adagio.

To customize the theme, refer to both this readme and the comments in the _config.yml file in the adagio directory.

To add static files, e.g. images, create a subdirectory img in adagio/source, then refer to it as /img/picture-name.png.


  • Applause button
  • Customizable and responsive top navbar
  • Valine comment system
  • Responsive picture banner
  • Mathjax support
  • Social network links
  • Google or Baidu analytics
  • Configurable CDN provider


Applause-easy button

This is another open-source project my me. It uses LeanCloud as the backend server. Please refer to this repo.

Its basic idea is to let people vote for you as many times as possible, instead of the 'thumb up' button (vote only once).

Responsive banner

If you want to use your own pictures as banner, config it as the follows

img_banner: true
img_banner_large: http://some.url/large.png
img_banner_small: http://some.url/small.png

Then, for middle to large screens, the img_banner_large will be displayed. For small screens, the img_banner_small picture will be displayed.

If you don't want a picture banner, set img_banner to false. A pure grey background will take the place.

Note: your site title will not appear if image banner is used.

Picture or word logo

If you have a picture logo, config with

logo_url: http://some.url/to/picture/

If you just want to use a word as the logo, config with

logo_url: ~
logo_word: ADAGIO


The author agrees that the tags and archives should not appear at the top of the screen. So these links are set to the sidebar. However, if you have other interesting pages that you want to display, please config the navbar.

navbar: true
  - text: Hexo
    layout: ~
  - text: Adagio's author
    layout: ~

Here, text is what will appear in the navbar. url can be either relative or absolute url. layout is for configuring if the navbar item is 'active'. So if you have a page with a layout made by yourself, put the name of the layout here.

SEOTitle and favicon

SEOTitle will appear in the title meta for every page. config with

SEOTitle: Theme Adagio

And also favicon

favicon: http://some.url/to/favicon.ico

Social Network

Links to your social network will appear in the about me side bar and the footer is you with. Config with

    - github
    - facebook
    - pinterest
    - linkedin
github_username:       xxxx
pinterest_username:    xxxx
facebook_username:     xxxx
linkedin_username:     xxxx
researchgate_username: xxxx
twitter_username:      xxxx
zhihu_username:        xxxx
quora_username:        xxxx

It's better to use four buttons. You should find the username in your profile url.

Math support

If your post contains math equations, you can set math open in the config file.

math: true

Then, you can type math equations like this


KaTeX is used as the engine to render LaTeX math.


This theme supports google analytics and baidu analytics. Login to your analytics provider. Config baidu analytics with your user-specific url, and/or config google analytics with the track id.

baidu_analytics: true
google_analytics: true
google_track_id: UA-1111111-1

Valine comments

Valine comments is one of the most easy-to-use comment systems available in China and all over the world. You can add comments to each post. See Valine.js. Config it with appId, appKey, and the comment textarea placeholder.

valine_comments: true
valine_appId: xxxxx
valine_appKey: xxxxx
valine_placeholder: Go go go!

CDN or not

You can use CDN to serve the .css and .js files, or serve by yourself. If your website audience is mainly from China, the author recommends to use bootcdn. Otherwise, cndjs. Config as

use_cdn: true
cdn_provider: bootcdn

Other configurations

SEOTitle, favicon, avatar, trending, address, friends, etc. Check the config file!

Change log

Current version: v2.0


  • Use KaTeX instead of mathjax.
  • Add copyright line for posts.
  • Improve applause-easy.
  • Improve the main css file.
  • Merge some partial ejs files.


  • Initial release.


MIT License.

Like this theme?

If you like this theme, please star this repository. If you use this theme for your website, please leave comments to the repository! Everyone else can get inspired.