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@@ -87,8 +87,8 @@
<script type="text/template" id="drinkjs_template">
- <h1>DrinkJS</h>
- </header>
+ <h1>DrinkJS</h1>
+ </header>
<h2>We've got something new!</h2>
<p>HannoverJS goes #DrinkUp! We do now meet every second month for a drinkup with all the JS folks in
Hannover and around! Come and join us. Follow <a href=!/DrinkJS>@DrinkJS</a>
@@ -191,7 +191,14 @@
<p>Don't miss! Here is a list of all announced talks for the very next <a href="">Hannover.js</a> Meetup. No topic you like? Feel free to contribute and add yourself to the list! You can also let us know, if there is a topic you really would like to listen in a talk someday on Hannover.js.</p>
- <h3>Upcoming talks will be announced soon!</h3>
+ <div class="speaker">
+ <div class="avatar">
+ <a href="!/cburgdorf"><img src="" align="left"/></a>
+ </div>
+ <h3>Christoph Burgdorf &mdash; <span>Know your toolset - Chrome Developer Tools</span></h3>
+ <p>Developing applications is an complicated task by itself. However it's getting even overly complicated if you aren't familiar with your toolset.</p>
+ <p>JavaScript enthusiast Christoph Burgdorf will show us how to effectively debug web applications with the Chrome Developer Tools</p>
+ </div>

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