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Date Night

Have you ever asked someone out on a date and then realized you didn't know a good place to take them?

Date Night makes it easy to organize amazing dating venues by type or location, including an easy to navigate map view.

This was inspired by a few dates running into the same dilemma, and after speaking with other millenials, realizing such a website would be widely used and very helpful to anybody looking for quality recommendations and information on each of them.

Using Rails version: 5.1.2

Updated Gemfile:

# Devise for user and admin login

gem 'devise'

# Carrierwave for image uploads

gem 'carrierwave', '~> 1.0'

# Figaro gem hides API Keys

gem 'figaro'

# Geocoder changes address to lat's and long's you can use with the google map API

gem 'geocoder'

# Bundle edge Rails instead: gem 'rails', github: 'rails/rails'

Installed Devise for User sign in And CarrierWave for image uploads

Made a model for devise

rails g devise User

Added fields:

t.text :bio

t.string :fname

t.string :lname

t.string :phone

t.string :avatar

t.boolean :member

t.boolean :admin


  rails db:migrate 

And built some views to edit

  rails g devise:views users   

Generated Controllers

  rails g devise:controllers users

Told the router to use this controller:

  devise_for :users, controllers: { sessions: 'users/sessions' }

Generated the uploaders for CarrierWave

rails generate uploader Avatar

rails generate uploader Image

Added the CarrierWave uploaders to the User model

  mount_uploader :avatar, AvatarUploader

Added the CarrierWave uploaders to the models Posts and Locations

  mount_uploader :image, ImageUploader

Created the rest of my tables:

rails g scaffold Venues name:string bio:text address:string phone:string image:string rating_id:integer favorite_id:integer bar:boolean restaurant:boolean activity:boolean  sponsor:boolean 

rails g scaffold Posts post_name:string venues_name:string address:string phone:string text:text image:string rating_id:integer favorite_id:integer bar:boolean restaurant:boolean activity:boolean user:belongs_to venues:belongs_to

rails g scaffold Comments text:text post_id:integer user_id:integer post:belongs_to user:belongs_to timestamp:datetime

rails g scaffold Ratings venue_id:integer user_id:integer post_id:integer rating:integer user:belongs_to location:belongs_to post:belongs_to

rails g scaffold Favorites venue_id:integer user_id:integer post_id:integer user:belongs_to venues:belongs_to post:belongs_to

rails g scaffold Categories name:string parent_id:integer

rails g scaffold Venuecategories venue_id:integer category_id:integer venues:belongs_to categories:belongs_to

Then added all the has_manys and required: false for the location_id and post_id in ratings and favorites because they each belong to both the posts and locations

I then added bootstrap to the layout application.html.erb page:

  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">

Then added a github repository:


Formatted the main pages, then started adding in the Google API

Hid API Keys, then installed some google functionality from:


Date Night makes it easy to find amazing dating venues organized by type or location, including an easy to navigate map view.






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