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A drag and drop pagebuilder to manage pages in any Laravel project.

Laravel Pagebuilder is built on PHPageBuilder. It integrates the most popular open source drag and drop pagebuilder: GrapesJS. This package is made with customization in mind, allowing you to configure, disable or replace any of its modules.



Follow these steps to install Laravel Pagebuilder in your project:

  • composer require hansschouten/laravel-pagebuilder
  • php artisan vendor:publish --provider="HansSchouten\LaravelPageBuilder\ServiceProvider" --tag=config
  • Update the configuration in config/pagebuilder.php
  • php artisan migrate

Next, you need to create a theme:

  • php artisan pagebuilder:create-theme [name here]

.. or publish the demo theme:

  • php artisan pagebuilder:publish-demo

Now you are able to login via /admin with admin and changethispassword (the admin URL and credentials can be changed in the pagebuilder config file).

Visit the PHPageBuilder repository for detailed information on how to develop themes.