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PHPagebuilder boilerplate

Boilerplate for quickly spinning up websites using PHPagebuilder.

This boilerplate defines the project structure for quickly creating a website that can be managed with a drag and drop pagebuilder.


To setup your website download the boilerplate and upload it to the webroot directory of your website.

Install PHPagebuilder with Composer

To install PHPagebuilder via composer, SSH to your webroot directory and run the following command:

composer require hansschouten/phpagebuilder

Now uncomment line 7 of index.php.

Install PHPagebuilder without Composer

If you don't want to use composer, simply download the latest version of PHPagebuilder here and upload it in a directory called phpagebuilder inside your webroot directory.

Now uncomment lines 10 and 11 of index.php.

Add the config file

Copy the config.example.php from your version of the PHPagebuilder project and add it as config.php to your website's root directory.

Configure a database

If you use PHPagebuilder without any customizations, it requires a database for storing your pages. Just create a database and run the queries from config/create-tables.sql of your version of the PHPagebuilder project. Next, add the database credentials to your config file.


Now you should be able to log in to the admin panel by going to the /admin URL of your website using admin and changethispassword (you can change these in the config file). If you are able to login you can follow the instructions to start building your website as described in the main project's repository.

Note: make sure to disable error reporting in index.php once your website goes into production!


Boilerplate for quickly spinning up websites using PHPagebuilder.







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