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simple / grace / friendly

Update Log

Anisina V3.3 (2018-11-07)

  • Support Mathjax

Anisina V3.2 (2018-07-16)

  • Support Valine comment system

Anisina V3.1 (2017-05-9)

  • Add Livere disqus (in your _config.yml add use_livere: true , and config you livere uid livere_uid: hereIsYourLivereID, here is Livere website go to livere , and remember clear you another disqus system, like duoshuo.)

Anisina v3 (2016-09-4)

  • Fix Index Pages Http Security Tips
  • Add More Animation
  • Support Web Emoji , here is use guide , is very simple.
  • Support Favicon , you can in _config.yml add favicon: yourImagesPath.png
  • Font Style Adjust
  • Post page Toc Adjust
  • Bug Fix

Anisina v2.01 (2016-08-07)

  • Support Double Click Navbar Scroll To Page Top
  • Support Swiftfy Search
  • Support Friends Links
  • Support Single Post Switch CDN Images ToTother Links
  • Support Safari & Chrome Color Header Bar
  • Support Preview Statistical
  • Bug Fix


  1. wechat title will auto use header images
  2. home post margin adjust
  3. home post title font style adjust
  4. avatar path use absolute url


thanks @刘晓婉 PR thanks @HipHopCoderS PR :) and all users

Known issues
  1. in wechat web view double click navbar can't scroll top ( cause wechat have doubleclick nav title return page top function )

Anisina v1.02 (2016-06-02)

  • bug fix
  • adjust post title text shadow
  • change header img path , now you can use http://somepath.png,or use hexo default imgpath: img/demo.png
  • adjust post subtitle font size



  • Author : Haojen Ma
  • Version : 2.0
  • Compatibility : Hexo 3 or later


  • Fully responsive
  • Support Qiniu images CDN
  • Support Toc
  • Duoshuo
  • Disqus
  • Googe analytics
  • Baidu analytics
  • SEO
  • Immersive status bar
  • Search
  • Preview Statistical


  1. Init

    First enter your hexo root folder, then execute the follwing commands

     git clone themes/Anisina
  2. Modify _config.ymlfile with your own info. look like this :

     themes: Anisina

    Here theme's name must same as the theme folder name.

  3. Or you can copy my theme Anisina _config.yml into you hexo blog directory , replace default _config.yml

  4. This all , hope you like :)

Quick Start


You can easily get stared by modifying config.yml

Site settings
title: Anisina Blog             # title of your website
SEOTitle: Anisina Blog          # check out docs for more detail
description: "Cool Blog"    

SNS settings      
github_username: haojen     # modify this account to yours
weibo_username: haojen      # the footer woule be auto-updated.

cdn-url: ""      # images cdn path

# Qiniu imageView2 API
clip-content: "?imageView2/1/w/1400/h/400/interlace/1/q/90"
clip-avatar: "?imageView2/2/w/300/h/300/interlace/1/q/90"
clip-post: "?" # you can custom post width and height
clip-home-post-bg: "?imageView2/1/w/800/h/300/interlace/1/q/70"

#post default images
post-default-img: post-default.jpg

# friends
friends: [
		title: "your friend title",
		href: "your fiend path"
		title: "your friend title 2",
		href: "your friend path 2"

Create Tag page

  1. use hexo command hexo new page "Tags"
  2. then open yourblog/source folder , find Tags/, set layout: tags
  3. after use hexo command reset hexo hexo clean && hexo g , all done : )

Create Categories page

  1. use hexo command hexo new page "Categories"
  2. then open yourblog/source folder, find Categories/, set layout: categories
  3. after use hexo command reset hexo hexo clean && hexo g, all done :)


Support qiniu images cdn or you custom others, before use this, you need set you own cdn images root path paste of here.

  1. set your cdn-url,in your own _config.yml , set cdn-url your own path

  2. update your images to cdn library

  3. in post front-matter set your images name

      header-img: some-images.png

in browser, img src or background-url will be look like or, etc.

if you don't need cdn , the default path is hexo source/imgfolder.


qiniu imageView2 API

if you wannat to use , you must be configuration cdn-url of qiniu. about qiniu imageView2 API more info please click here


Google Analytics and Baidu Tongji simple config:

#Baidu Analytics**
ba_track_id: 4cc1f2d8f3067386cc5cdb626a202900

#Google Analytics
ga_track_id: 'UA-49627206-1'            # Format: UA-xxxxxx-xx

Just checkout the code offered by Google/Baidu, and copy paste here, all the rest is already done for you.


This theme support both Disqus and Duoshuo as the third party discussion system.

First, you need to sign up and get your own account. Repeat, DO NOT use mine! (I have set Trusted Domains) It is deathly simple to sign up and you will get the full power of management system. Please give it a try!

Second, you can easily complete your comment configuration by just adding your short name into _config.yml:

duoshuo_username: _your_duoshuo_short_name_
# OR
disqus_username: _your_disqus_short_name_

Furthermore, Duoshuo support Sharing. if you only wanna use Duoshuo comment without sharing, you can set duoshuo_share: false. You can use Duoshuo Sharing and Disqus Comments together also.

featured-tags: true  
featured-condition-size: 1     # A tag will be featured if the size of 	it is more than this condition value

Mini About Me

# Sidebar settings
sidebar: true
sidebar-about-description: "your description here"
sidebar-avatar: avatar-hux.jpg     

Mini-About-Me module display all your SNS buttons also your avatar and the description if you set sidebar-avatar and sidebar-about-description which is very useful and common for a sidebar so it is default with your sidebar.

It is really nice-looking and well-designed. It would be hidden in a small screen seeing the sidebar would be push to bottom and there is already a footer including SNS feature which is similar.


You can install plugin 'hexo-generator-feed' execute following command: npm install hexo-generator-feed --save if you have already install it, Once you generate static page, atom.xml can auto generation.

then you add your configuration in _config_yml like this: plugins: hexo-generator-feed #RSS订阅插件 links: #添加链接信息 Feed: atom.xml

if you want to add label RSS in SNS,you also can append configuration like the belowing behind the 'SNS settings': RSS: true


The front-matter of a post looks like that:

layout: post
title: "Hola 2016"
subtitle: "hi, I'm haojen ma"
date: 2016-05-26 06:00
author: "Haojen Ma"
header-img: "img/post-default.jpg"
cdn: 'header-on'
	- Movies
	- Life

Create a post

hexo new "your-post-name"

they will be create a new post in Hexo source/_posts folder

if your like chinese poetry , you can try poetry layout ,they will be cool

hexo new poetry 'your-poetry-name'

A poetry demo



post header images. if you don't have set ,this will use post default header images.

cdn (V2.0 New Feature)

use cdn tag switch single post cdn ,like this:

cdn: 'header-off' 
header-img: ""

this will turn off cdn , and use your custom url

when your share post to wechat moments , this post images will show here, if you don't have set ,this will use post header images(make sure you have set a default image )


  • Give is a Star if you like , fork or jest clone to use , and also you can help me fix bugs and add new feature :)
  • if you have any problem or requirement , just open an issue here and i will help you.
  • thanks kaijun and hux.


Apache License Version 2.0

And my another Hexo theme

This it Hexo-theme-Claudia, hope you like it!