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three-hierarchy multiclassification for desensitization text, using LSTM model
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What's this

This is the code about 种子杯, a small chinese text multi-classification contest

It shows how to build word embedding by gensim and use torchtext to process the data, and, finally training a Attention-Based BLSTM model in pytorch.

project feature

  • around 300 lines
  • only has basic function
  • shared for educational purpose
  • f1_score(...,'macro')==86.42 in semi-final, ranked in the 6th echelone


  1. mainRefer
  2. Attention-Based BLSTM


name means
df pandas.DataFrame

env prerequisite

  • OS: run on windows and linux
  • python 3.*(below are newest in 2018-10)
    • pandas
      • numpy
    • sklearn
    • pytorch(pytorch-cpu allowed)
      • torchtext
    • gensim

data view

dataset location

item_id title_characters title_words description_characters description_words cate1_id cate2_id cate3_id
a38b804b6eb25c6a39eef30e54060ce1 c51,c38,c48,c45,c10,c7,c288,c18,c15,c7,c255,c305,c18,c56,c762,c549,c1051,c18,c1051,c147,c955,c259,c18 w27,w12,w22,w215,w11,w875,w1242,w14391,w4018,w5656 c32,c540,c101,c275,c613,c61,c92,c54,c467,c354,c361,c61,c154,c183,c247,c71,c398,c21,c31,c2,c32,c23,c135,c229,c1175,c61,c76,c23,c135,c982,c71,c2,c1175,c633,c195,c61,c62,c197,c61,c14,c1163,c166,c31 w8,w295,w2132,w13,w86,w1830,w3009,w13,w167,w395,w1499,w4,w7,w8,w87,w3584,w13,w93,w87,w2014,w3843,w13,w111,w13,w14,w2867,w7 2 13 13

*one catej_id corresponding only one catei_id, for j>i*

directory structure

├── data                
│   ├── test_w.tsv      
│   ├── train_w.tsv     
│   ├── val_w.tsv       
│   └── w300.txt        gensim model saved
├──       preprocess data
├── model\              model usaged
├── doc\                context explain and report
├── raw\                here put data provided
├──            support model train
├──             support data process
└── ...                 other files

how to run

generate processed data in data/ (need data in raw/)


suppose you want to save model in abc dir

py abc

finally it will generate predicate txt for raw\test_b.txt

load model and train


change para LAST_EPOCH ; and LOADMODEL to where the model saved

py abc

modify answer manual

use ipython to run

after run

ans = util.get_pred_list(model, test_iter, use_pandas=True)

you will get a df ans

model parameters

name usage
MAX_EPOCH num of train epoch
MAX_SEQ_LEN=200 fixed and max length of word
NUM_LAYER=2 num of recurrent layers, stacking two LSTM together to form a stacked LSTM, with the second LSTM taking in outputs of the first LSTM and computing the final results.
DROPOUT dropout probability of Dropout layer
wei_criterion used to calculate total loss

others refer to

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