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promote nuget packages as part of a release task.
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gavanlamb Cleanup, add support for multiple packages, add debug logs (#20)
* revert to createAddRequestBody to method

* make dateTimeDeserializer a static method

* make getAuthToken and createHandlers static methods

* make createAcceptHeader static

* make createRequestHeaders static

* make createRequestOptions static

* use async await

* remove unused import

* rename files to reflect class names

* upgrade packages with vulnerabilities

* move package step to post build

* Remove debug group

* Add debug logs

* Add support to promote all packages found

* Upgrade version

* fix vulnerable packages
Latest commit 78649e2 May 13, 2019


Promote packages on VSTS



Supported feed types:

  • NuGet
  • NPM
  • Python



  1. Package must be apart of the artifacts of the task group.


  1. Select the feed, at the moment only NuGet is supported.
  2. Select the view to promote to.
  3. Select the package path
    How to

Build & Package

npm run-script build

npm test
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