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See the whereabouts of other members, displays the locations of all users in the group (if they gave location permission) on a map.

What's Happening?

Happening is a Group App Platform for iOS, Android and the web.

Group Apps are just Javascript or CoffeeScript. The powerful Happening environment provides you with user and group details, a synchronized data store across all clients, reactive user-interface widgets, and html/css for whatever else you may want to do. That social app you've wanted to build for ages, but didn't because it'd take you weeks? You'll finish it tonight.

Getting started

On Linux/Mac, use your Bash-compatible shell. On Windows, we recommend the Git console that comes with Git - additionally you might need to install zip.exe.

  1. Clone the example code: git clone

  2. Create a Development Template by navigating to and start the app.

  3. Copy its upload code to a file: echo 123456ab > .deploykey.

  4. Deploy your Group App using ./deploy. It should instantaneously update in your browser / app.


manifest holds your app configuration.

  • name Group App name.
  • desciption Group App description.
  • api API version, don't use anything other than 2
  • icon Default icon, list of available icons. Alternatively, you can bundle your own icon.svg.


The Developer Console will also show a share code. Search for this code in the Group App Store of other happenings to add your new App (making it instantaneously available to all its members!).

Once added in another happening, a Group App will be upgraded within 60 minutes of you updating the version in "My group apps". Use exports.onUpgrade in to update data store items if they change between versions. The Developer Console allows you to inspect the App's data store in these other happenings to aid debugging.

If you feel your Group App should be listed in the Group App store, send us a message. Be sure to include the install code and a group code where we can see your App in action.


See the whereabouts of other members




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