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A port of WebKit (specifically, webcore+libs) to JavaScript aimed at running in both node.js and browsers. Currently available for contributors; and testers. However this is not recommended for production or beta environments.

See the webkit.js Google Group for Discussions & Questions


  • Produce a renderer in pure JavaScript that supports rendering to WebGL/Canvas contexts.
  • Develop frameworks for image/webpage capturing and automated web testing (similar to PhantomJS).
  • Develop a framework for prototyping CSS filters, HTML elements and attributes.
  • Experimental harness for pure JavaScript rendering performance.
  • A next-gen browser built entirely with javascript and utilizing multi-core parallel processing primitives with WebCL (or other draft prototype in the works).


Current Issues

  • Fixing canvas size bitblt issues; canvas width and height can become inaccurate due to hi-dpi rendering.
  • Alpha channels are being flattened for unknown reasons, in addition gradients and animations in css are not rendering.
  • Inline SVG seg-faults. Most likely due to threading issue.
  • Certain CSS3 key-frame animations cause either a segfault or jump to the last frame, uncertain but it seems to be an issue with ChromeClient and TextureMapperGL.
  • Mouse and keyboard (and other) events
  • IN-PROGRESS: Resource loader has yet to be implemented, callback for browser (and eventually node)
  • (Fixed, see emscripten post, waiting for it to land) Support for WebGL within webworkers via proxy (emscripten is currently working on this)
  • Enhancing the API. Adding mouse event callbacks, scrolling, keyboard callbacks, and snapshot to it. Until there's a stable (well tested) API this will remain as an experiment.

Supported Features

The entire HTML5, CSS3 and SVG rendering is supported; the following features are not supported and probably will never be.

  • Encrypted Media
  • JavaScript Debugger / Inspector (Could be added, although huge penalty in code size -- greater than 5MB)
  • Quota's and File System (Browser Only)
  • Web Timing (Implemented, but inaccurate due to limitations in JS spec).
  • Native OS Widgets (although "webkit" standard widgets, or any css styled widgets, e.g., input fields are supported).

Fonts are rendered via freetype2, fontconfig and cairo for consistent font rendering across all platforms. Native video and audio decoding is supported but not included in the regular build. Eventually i'll post instructions on compiling in native video/audio support.



webkit.js can be built on linux, osx, or windows.

  • Xcode (OSX only)
  • Visual Studio (Windows only)
  • Cygwin (Windows only)
  • Command Line Utilities for Xcode, with $ xcode-select --install (Mac OS X only)
  • At least 16GB of free space (seriously)
  • At least 4GB of RAM

Building webkit.js step-by-step

  • Clone the repo to your local drive.
git clone webkitjs ; cd webkitjs
  • Run the setup script to grab all of the dependencies and tools.
  • Run the configuration script to generate build and project files.
  • Then to build; run this (generates the actual js file):
  • OR if you want a debug version run this:
./ debug

Running in the Browser

See demo.html and webkit.js in the "bin" folder, runs best in Firefox (Chrome/Safari seem to have large long hiccups and freezes due to garbage collection).



Getting around the code

  • /deps/WebKit/ This is a modified version of Apple's official repo.
  • /deps/WebKit/Source/WebCore This is where 90% of the work is done.
  • /deps/WebKit/Source/WebCore/bindings/scripts This is an important folder where WebKit autogenerates bindings
  • /deps/WebKit/Source/WTF/ is a cross-platform library for common tasks such as HashMaps, etc.
  • /deps/WebKit/Source/WTF/PlatformJS.h these are C++ pre-process settings for PLATFORM(JS)
  • /features.gypi You can turn various features in WebCore on and off here
  • /common.gypi You can change various compiler settings, system paths, etc.
  • /webkit.gyp This contains the build arch and is the first file used when generating project files with gyp.
  • /sources.gypi This file contains the list of all of the sources to compile.
  • /derived.gypi This file is auto-generated by in the tools directory, it hunts down any changes vs. what's in derived.gypi currently and adds it in. This is convenient only when you've done a pull from WebKit and need to make sure you've properly added/removed files based on what's happened upstream.
  • / This autogenerates the project files, it also tries to find em++/emcc and all of your tools, if config files, check the file to make sure its finding emscripten and clang.
  • /src This contains all of the derived sources, bindings, and custom code to link in with WebCore and bind it to canvas, node and javascript contexts. This will also be where the API will be built.
  • /bin This contains the latest builds for debug and release modes. Note that the debug builds are compressed for the sake of github.
  • /src/WebView.cpp This is the main 'essential' class and loading class for everything.
  • /src/Main.cpp This is a proxy from C++ to C, so we can use the emscripten exported symbols features.
  • /src/Symbols.exports This contains a list of C functions that are exported to javascript (and thus accessible to the javascript API.
  • /src/webkit.api.js This is the javascript file thats exposed to javascript programmers.

It's important to know

  • The code within the WebKit folder is pulled from upstream, be careful not to move any files, remove any files or heavily refactor any source file as it will cause headaches when merging.
  • Enabling/disabling settings within the features.gypi will have a lot of consequences, most of the disabled features are disabled because there's no possible work around for including the platform specific or network layer code (bindings to forward this to the native browser/nodejs module will need to be built). In addition, if features.gypi is modified that you update featurs.make within the tools folder.
  • A good amount of the bindings and code within the WebCore are auto generated from scripts, be careful when you have build errors to make sure you're not modifying a "Derived Sources" file, otherwise you'll find your changes will be just over-written the next time this script runs.
  • Do not modify code within src/WebCoreDerived, it's autogenerated and will most likely be overwritten if the derived sources needs to rebuild.
  • Becareful adding files/changing settings in your native IDE/toolchain, these settings are intially set in and common.gypi (and related gypi/gyp files). While not all settings will be overwritten with a new config, there's a chance some of your settings may need to be added to these files.


  • DONE A build toolchain similar to GYP/gconfig. QtWebkit has one already, possibly re-map that.
  • DONE Create "Debug" and "Release" modes that allow for easier debugging. In addition creating anything that helps debug and spot problems easier.
  • DONE Integration of WTF library into WebCore
  • Bad Idea - Start smaller with GYP and only develop one pass layout system from CSS/HTML/DOM code with minimal features and build up.
  • Bad Idea - Take each file one by one in ./webkitjs/debug/ and port?...
  • DONE Dependency and/or symbol graph that rebuilds automatically after a compile (expressed as a HTML doc?) The core reason for this is to visualize dependencies between classes, unresolved symbols still to be developed, and spot key integration points. This can be done by regex over the existing ./webkitjs/debug for symbols and building a D3 graph to show the symbols dependency possibly? Is there already key software that does this? Can emscripten/llvm spit this out?
  • DONE Identify what key import symbols may require significant retooling.
  • DONE Integrate libxml.js (rather than depending on browser pass through decoding to a buffer)
  • DONE Integrate libxslt.js (currently unsupported)
  • DONE Integrate ffmpeg.js ?.... pure JavaScript video support?..... .
  • DONE Integrate libpng.js (rather than depending on browser pass through decoding to a buffer)
  • DONE Integrate libjpeg-turbo.js/libjpeg.js (rather than depending on browser pass through decoding to a buffer)
  • DONE Integrate zlib (rather than depending on browser pass through decoding to a buffer)
  • DONE Integrate both node and web browser environments for testing demo of basic HTML
  • DONE Integrate support for font resource loading and virtual file system for fontconfig
  • Bad Idea - Use embind/cppfilter.js to automatically generate all the WebCore C++ interfaces (derived from directly into JavaScript, then simply reuse existing webcore demos/examples.
  • DONE Generate a webkit.js API based on the WebCore C++ interfaces exported to JavaScript.
  • DONE Explore best methods for creating demo's and painting within WebKitJS.cpp to the host context.
  • DONE Experiment with emscripten outlining, lto, and optimization techniques to prevent variable/heap/stack limitations and reduce code size.
  • DONE Generate simple JavaScript library to create, use and manage webkit.js rendering.
  • DONE Investigate if SKIA might provide better rendering -- no, skia does not support accelerated back-tile compositing needed by WebKit
  • DONE Support for hidpi rendering on retina displays, support for device scale factors and clean font rendering
  • In Progress Create examples, demos and how-to guides (documentation, etc).
  • DONE Create hooks into webkit layout tests to ensure functionality.
  • DONE Fix all layout tests for still-frame and render tree unit tests.
  • DONE Fix timing animation (CSS3) bug
  • Scripts to auto-generate code with Emscripten JavaScript Bindings to enable DOM interactions with JavaScript (e.g., IDL generation, and some other bindings/scripts tasks)
  • In Progress Removal of "oddity" code (e.g., no mans land code, existing dead code, platform specific code) and optimization of file size and runtime
  • In Progress Benchmark harnass between different browsers and webkit.js
  • Everything else that's actually fun and note worthy (listed above in Goals).


BSD License. Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE files contained in the root of the respective source code.

© True Interactions 2014 (


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