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Full Body Photogrammetry / 3D Scan Image Dataset for 3D Real Avatar / Model Creation

A set of 88 images - 8MP(3280 x 2464), 478MB in total - inside images folder. Dataset Sample

you can also directly download .zip file from here.

Camera : Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2

One of the reconstructed and textrured resulting 3D model is here. Directly uploaded from RealityCapture. No modification in other 3D software. Sample Model Yukihiro Iwayama

Needless to say, you can use these images in 3DF Zephyr, Metashape, Meshroom and other photogrammetry software.

Free to download, use, reconstruct and make it public. Display the link URL to this repository and give credit to Yukihiro Iwayama .

model : Yukihiro Iwayama, Twitter: @RealAvatarETH

Image Data Acquisition System Overview

"Full Body 3D Scan System Kit with Raspberry Pi Zero W"

3D Scan Studio Where Dataset captured

The studio's 3D Model is It was also created by the same image dataset. Asakusa Studio

Asakusa, Tokyo Japan in Japanese


"Real Avatar Production - Raspberry Pi Zero W Based Low-Cost Full Body 3D Scan System Kit for VRM format"

3DBODY.TECH 2019 - The 10th International Conference and Exhibition on 3D Body Scanning and Processing Technologies, 22-23 October 2019, in Lugano, Switzerland.

RealityCapture Worlflow (overview of one example software)


* Import

  • Set reconstruction region around the subject.

  • Reconstruction : Normal

  • Texture

Retoplogy by Wrap3 Retopology by Wrap3 Yukihiro Iwayama


I hope this could contribute as some sort of reference data set especially for those who are not quite familiar but are interested in 3D body scan. There is too little of this kind of full image date set of A Pose Human which is openly available. Personally, I haven’t seen it that’s why I release.


Full Body 3D Scan, Photogrammetry for Real Avatar






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