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Spg - Static Page Generator

Simple generator static pages. To generate use swig templates and markdown files to create content. Spg allows you to define multiple pages and a series from specified directory. Only what you need is other web server (like apache or nginx), define templates in swig and configuration ini file.



npm install -g spg


You must create dirs, config file, md files with content and templates.

mkdir my-test-page
cd my-test-page
mkdir articles
mkdir public
mkdir view
touch config.ini

Edit config.ini and define pages:

config.destonationPath = public/ ; path wher new file was create
config.fileName = index.html ; file name

[index : _global] ; inherits the settings from the section _global
config.templateFile = view/index.html ; template file for site "index"
config.fileName = index.html ; file name
; define for series pages
articles.sourcePath = articles/ ; path where searh md files
articles.order = path ; order files by
articles.destonationPath = public/articles/ ; destonation generated files
articles.ext = html ; change md extension for html
articles.templateFile = view/article.html ; template file

[history : index] ; inherits the settings from the section index
config.templateFile = view/history.html ; change template name
config.fileName = history.html ; change destonation file name

[about : _global]
config.templateFile = view/about.html
config.fileName = about.html

Create templates in view dir How to create templates files If you want use article's list in template, you must write something like this:

{% for art in articles %}
    {{ art.introText|raw }}
    <ul class="nav nav-pills">
        <li><a href="/articles/{{ art.destRelPath }}" title="{{ art.firstLine|title }}">Czytaj więcej</a></li>
        <li><a href="/articles/{{ art.destRelPath }}#disqus_thread" title="{{ art.firstLine|title }}">Komentuj</a></li>
{% endfor %}

Article atributes:

art = {
    fullText: /* html file generated from md */
    introText: /* html file generated from md to tag <!-- more --> */
    firstLine: /* first line from md */
    sourcePath: /* path to md file */
    sourceRelPath: /* relative path to file */,
    destPath: /* destonation path to html file */
    destRelPath: /* relative path to html file (can be use to create links) */
    size: /* size md file */
    atime: /* data from fs.statSync */
    mtime: /* data from fs.statSync */
    ctime: /* data from fs.statSync */

In view/article.html template use variable data

{% block content %}
    {{ data.fullText|raw }}
{% endblock %}

Ok you have config and templates. Create yours .md pages in articles/ dir and run commend:

spg --config=config.ini

In "public" should appear html files.

Configure your webserwer and is done.


Create a issue if something is not clear.