@opntr opntr released this Jan 27, 2016 · 44086 commits to hardened/11-stable/master since this release

[freebsd] Implement AT_SECURE properly. FreeBSD-SA-16:10.linux (HardenedBSD not affected by default install)
[freebsd] ntpd update FreeBSD-SA-16:09.ntp (already fixed in 10-STABLE v39.2)
[hardenedbsd] HBSD: Default jemalloc's lg_chunk to 16 from 21.
[freebsd] continued UEFI loader rewrite
[freebsd] Remove the HPN and None cipher patches. (ssh)
[hardenedbsd] HBSD: bump __HardenedBSD_version to 40 after HBSD API changes
[hardenedbsd] HBSD: add public API to query the running kernel's __HardenedBSD_version
[hardenedbsd] HBSD: major flags related type cleanup
[hardenedbsd] HBSD: fix integer overflow in iconv kernel module