@opntr opntr released this Oct 13, 2016 · 3297 commits to hardened/10-stable/master since this release

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  • Use M_WAITOK in PIO_KEYMAP ioctl (d2bd6c5) [FreeBSD SA Candidate]
  • Sync libarchive with vendor including security fixes. (46874a6) [FreeBSD SA Candidate]
  • Lot of hyperv and zfs updated from FreeBSD


Oliver Pinter + (9):
      Merge branch 'freebsd/10-stable/master' into hardened/10-stable/master
      Merge branch 'freebsd/10-stable/master' into hardened/10-stable/master
      Merge branch 'freebsd/10-stable/master' into hardened/10-stable/master
      Merge branch 'freebsd/10-stable/master' into hardened/10-stable/master
      Merge branch 'freebsd/10-stable/master' into hardened/10-stable/master
      Merge branch 'freebsd/10-stable/master' into hardened/10-stable/master
      Merge branch 'freebsd/10-stable/master' into hardened/10-stable/master
      Merge branch 'freebsd/10-stable/master' into hardened/10-stable/master
      Merge branch 'freebsd/10-stable/master' into hardened/10-stable/master

avg (1):
      MFC r306665: zfs: fix a wrong assertion for extended attributes

emaste (1):
      HBSD MFC: Use M_WAITOK in PIO_KEYMAP ioctl

jilles (2):
      wait: Do not copyout uninitialized status/rusage/wrusage.
      MFC r305628: intro(2),_exit(2): Update for reaper (procctl(PROC_REAP_ACQUIRE)).

mav (20):
      MFC r305193: MFV r302642: 6876 Stack corruption after importing a pool with a too-long name
      MFC r305195: MFV r302643: 6902 speed up listing of snapshots if requesting name only and sorting by name
      MFC r305197: MFV r302646: 6980 6902 causes zfs send to break due to 32-bit/64-bit struct mismatch
      MFC r305198: MFV r302647: 6922 Emit ESC_ZFS_VDEV_REMOVE_AUX after removing an aux device
      MFC r305199: MFV r302648: 7019 zfsdev_ioctl skips secpolicy when FKIOCTL is set
      MFC r305200: MFV r302651: 7054 dmu_tx_hold_t should use refcount_t to track space
      MFC r305207: MFV r302659: 6931 lib/libzfs: cleanup gcc warnings
      MFC r305194: MFV r302642: 6876 Stack corruption after importing a pool with a too-long name
      MFC r305201: MFV r302653: 6111 zfs send should ignore datasets created after the ending snapshot
      MFC r305202: MFV r302654: 6879 incorrect endianness swap for drr_spill.drr_length in libzfs_sendrecv.c
      MFC r305203: MFV r302655: 6873 zfs_destroy_snaps_nvl leaks errlist
      MFC r305205: MFV r302657: 4521 zfstest is trying to execute evil "zfs unmount -a"
      MFC r305206: MFV r302658: 6872 zfs libraries should not allow uninitialized variables
      MFC r305209: MFV r302660: 6314 buffer overflow in dsl_dataset_name
      MFC r305210: MFV r302661: 7082 bptree_iterate() passes wrong args to zfs_dbgmsg()
      MFC r305211: MFV r302662: 6447 handful of nvpair cleanups
      MFC r305221: MFV r302992: 7071 lzc_snapshot does not fill in errlist on ENOENT
      MFC r305222: MFV r302993: 7104 increase indirect block size
      MFC r305224: MFV r304158: 7136 ESC_VDEV_REMOVE_AUX ought to always include vdev information
      MFC 306699: Do not retry on some security sense codes.

mm (1):
      MFC r306670: Sync libarchive with vendor including security fixes.

sephe (36):
      MFC 306480
      MFC 302540
      MFC 302544
      MFC 302543,302545,302547,302549,302554,302556,302557,302559,302606
      MFC 302607-302612
      MFC 302617-302621,302623,302629-302631
      MFC 302632-302634
      MFC 302636-302638,302692
      MFC 302693-302697
      MFC 302698-302704,302706
      MFC 302707-302709
      MFC 302710,302713
      MFC 302723,302726,302731
      MFC 302733,302737,302801-302806
      MFC 302808-302815
      MFC 302816-302818
      MFC 302819,302823
      MFC 302864
      MFC 302867-302870
      MFC 302871,302872
      MFC 302873,302874
      MFC 302875,302876,302878-302881
      build: Add vmbus_if.m
      MFC 302882-302884
      MFC 302885,302886
      MFC 302887
      MFC 302888-302892,302986,303020-303022
      MFC 303023
      MFC 303066-303072,303127-303129,303131
      MFC 303178,303180,303182
      MFC 303283
      MFC 303284,303329,303361,303362,303366,303368-303370
      MFC 303379
      MFC 303421,303422,303470-303473
      MFC 303474
      MFC 303603-303605,303764

sevan (14):
      MFC r306584: Move the description of CHANGER variable to ENVIRONMENT section rather than in the DESCRIPTION section. From OpenBSD src/bin/chio/chio.1 r1.23
      MFC r306714: Document where chio(1) originated from & which version of FreeBSD first included it.
      MFC r306581: Use .At macro instead of specifying AT&T UNIX literaly.
      MFC r306582: "POSIX doesn't specify -h." - r1.27 from NetBSD http://man.openbsd.org/?query=chmod&apropos=0&sec=0&arch=default&manpath=POSIX-2013
      MFC r306598 ccdconfig first appeared in NetBSD 1.1 From NetBSD man page, confirmed with repo tags in CVS [1] (there was also no 1.0a release according to [2])
      MFC r306600: dump(8) first appeared in V4 UNIX http://minnie.tuhs.org/cgi-bin/utree.pl?file=V4/man/man8
      MFC r306601: dumpon(8) appears to be present in FreeBSD 2.0.5, despite initial import of man page listed FreeBSD 2.1.
      MFC r306602: Mention the version of NetBSD the utility originated from.
      MFC r306603: Document which version of BSD first showed up in and add the version info for NetBSD & FreeBSD.
      MFC r306604: gbde first appeared in FreeBSD 5.0
      MFC r306605: init was there in UNIX from V1 http://minnie.tuhs.org/cgi-bin/utree.pl?file=V1/init.s
      MFC r306606: mknod appeared in V4 UNIX http://minnie.tuhs.org/cgi-bin/utree.pl?file=V4/man/man8/mknod.8
      MFC r306607: mksnap_ffs appeared in FreeBSD 5.1.
      MFC r306610: Note mount_fusefs appeared in FreeBSD 10. Move note regarding implementation to caveats. Address issued raised by Igor.

Installer images: http://installer.hardenedbsd.org/pub/HardenedBSD/releases/amd64/amd64/ISO-IMAGES/HardenedBSD-10-STABLE-v46.15/


SHA512 (HardenedBSD-10-STABLE-v46.15-amd64-bootonly.iso) = 420bb3539cd217a9a46f989a99815cddb6045d36f47d831fa3289b8f1fbf907ae6312975e1944020f417f1afbf33954d52be605610083d6b1d35b65562b97065
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-10-STABLE-v46.15-amd64-disc1.iso) = cf713236a8e37fd4ff81ee58e685e5429444c974d66f4ea41683ddd7b53f42e62edfaf2d5f3ea18cf8b6281af8b06140cc87bc2556edec608c486d5e9078e3fd
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-10-STABLE-v46.15-amd64-memstick.img) = 1d0c7f1ad6c6122b8be3d081f2fc0a8105fa1cd14f17c1d049aed2f08419e5008d9115ebd99ae2bc5dfbf8fde2e53c845970a4d70ce05789de53297c5704a0cf
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-10-STABLE-v46.15-amd64-mini-memstick.img) = 1f9c117b063845f3b7f60d0297dacbd715b9d4cc01bb3176e483df7278ee6e2c0e45c920c81b8544ad19e03ebc28697ebe55a0f77aa574651e80f474c752865d
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-10-STABLE-v46.15-amd64-uefi-bootonly.iso) = bd67eda9b8f68baebbd444f47033c99f9404ba7e7a8f037f292e4919210de11f5f697cdece9deabd19940fecb1456d1a6301f3c75f21cb85806f15c8d4b6a789
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-10-STABLE-v46.15-amd64-uefi-disc1.iso) = 298101a3e1e9febf891288762f3a50142f4e4b7eebbc3ba555c087bc675645750cfb657d67da8fbf8abbd014dfcd2bb4a57213332d366e755919c9117d7978b2
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-10-STABLE-v46.15-amd64-uefi-memstick.img) = c498c7e2a01b81dbcef504e01d5fe24ef618bed49f07a3c6893621c5880196991277508584055c61a203acad73008ba5931a274ca24a49c1f9f8994035f9058e
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-10-STABLE-v46.15-amd64-uefi-mini-memstick.img) = a8274b75c746abe962f5309d1012cf11a30617c3978d1799a960b7274755296cfab52a1e668c0593ebdbe1df4bf0c14845f66d8b40111ead050c68912674d375


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