@opntr opntr released this Feb 13, 2016 · 16212 commits to hardened/11-stable/master since this release

[hardenedbsd] HBSD: add WITHOUT_HBSD_UPDATE src.conf knob to disable hbsd-build's installation
[hardenedbsd] HBSD: fix build on i386
[hardenedbsd] Revert "HBSD: Default jemalloc's lg_chunk to 16 from 21."
[freebsd] EFI fixes
[freebsd] Adjust initialization of random(9) so it is usable earlier.
[hardenedbsd] lot of new hardenedbsd related man page
[freebsd] OpenSSH 7.1p2
[hardenedbsd] HBSD: Update updater root certificate
[freebsd] Update em(4) to 7.6.1; update igb(4) to 2.5.3. (skylake support)
[freebsd] hyperv support cleanup / rewrite
[freebsd] ZFS + UEFI support