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The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) BoosterPack has been designed to make it as easy as possible to use BLE in your LaunchPad based projects. The BLE BoosterPack is built around the easy to use BLE112 module from Bluegiga. The BoosterPack can be powered by (and can charge) a lithium battery, making the entire system portable. It also has an ultra-high efficiency switching regulator that minimizes the power consumption of the system. The most important feature of the BLE BoosterPack is that no prior knowledge BLE is needed, the device is configured to be a simple UART pass-through. Using the example code provided for both Android and Python, you can get started with your BLE application without knowing needing to be familiar with BLE services or BLE characteristics.

This repository includes the following useful files and example code:

- User Guide
- Device Pinout
- Device Schematic
- PCB Layout and Bill of Materials (BOM)
- MSP430 Example Code (for both the MSP430G2553 and the MSP430F5529)
- Android Example Application Code (tested on both the Nexus 4 and the HTC One M8)
- Python Example Code

Multiple different PCB options are available for purchase at the Hardware Breakout Store (!

Hardware Breakout LLC


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) BoosterPack for the LaunchPad System



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