zlog_reload can cause a crash by freeing memory used by zlog_spec_write_time. #7

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The last_time_format stored per thread in a_thread->event->last_time_fmt points to memory allocated in a zlog_spec_t. When zlog_reload deletes and recreates the the spec array it frees this memory but the thread storage still holds a pointer to it. The quick fix is to disable caching the last time format in spec.c:

static int zlog_spec_write_time(zlog_spec_t * a_spec, zlog_thread_t * a_thread, zlog_buf_t * a_buf)
/* do fetch time every event once */

/* strftime %d() is slow too, do it when 
 * time_fmt changed(event go through another spec) */
if (a_thread->event->last_time_fmt != a_spec->time_fmt) {
            /* The last_time_fmt memory can be free'd when zlog_reload deletes the formats */
            /* disable this for now.                                                       */
    //a_thread->event->last_time_fmt = a_spec->time_fmt;    <----- Comment out this line

HardySimpson commented Sep 20, 2012

Yes, you are right. I fix it and launch zlog 1.2.2....


HardySimpson commented Sep 29, 2012

The last fix is not correct, simplely kick the cache will cause sometimes not fetch time. so I fix it again....

I think this fix will work, isn't it ?

static int zlog_spec_write_time(zlog_spec_t * a_spec, zlog_thread_t * a_thread, zlog_buf_t * a_buf)
        if (!a_thread->event->time_stamp.tv_sec) {
                gettimeofday(&(a_thread->event->time_stamp), NULL);

        /* a_event->time_str is a cache, as strftime is slow.
         * It is modified when this event meets another time specifier, or time slips one second.
         * So it is a weak cache, just work when a event goes through only one time specifier.
         * If there is any better way, please tell me!
        if (
             (a_thread->event->time_stamp.tv_sec != a_thread->event->time_last)
             || (a_spec->time_fmt != a_thread->event->time_fmt_last)
           ) {
                a_thread->event->time_last = a_thread->event->time_stamp.tv_sec;
                a_thread->event->time_fmt_last = a_spec->time_fmt;


                a_thread->event->time_str_len = strftime(a_thread->event->time_str,
                        a_spec->time_fmt, &(a_thread->event->time_local));
        return zlog_buf_append(a_buf, a_thread->event->time_str, a_thread->event->time_str_len);


HardySimpson commented Nov 15, 2012

I improve it on 1.2.5,
NO time_fmt in zlog_event_t anymore,
where every time spec can have it's own strftime cache!

hy0kl pushed a commit to hy0kl/zlog that referenced this issue Jun 10, 2015

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