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#!/usr/bin/perl -T
# nagios: -epn
# Author: Hari Sekhon
# Date: 2015-01-04 20:49:58 +0000 (Sun, 04 Jan 2015)
# License: see accompanying Hari Sekhon LICENSE file
# vim:ts=4:sts=4:sw=4:et
$DESCRIPTION = "Nagios Plugin to check Kafka brokers are fully working end-to-end by acting as both a producer and a consumer and checking that a unique generated message passes through the broker cluster successfully
Written for Kafka 0.8 onwards due to incompatible changes between Kafka 0.7 and 0.8.
Perfdata is for publishing and consuming the unique test message, total time includes setup, connection and message activities etc.
If partition is not specified it'll randomize the partition selection, but this could result in state flapping in between different runs that may select a malfunctioning partition one time and working one the other time so ideally you should specify the --partition explicitly and implement a separate check per partition.
Limitations (these all currently have tickets open to fix in the underlying API):
- checks only a single topic and partition due to limitation of the underlying API
- an invalid partition number will result in a non-intuitive error \": topic = '<topic>'\", as due to the underlying API
- required acks doesn't seem to have any negative effect when given an integer higher than the available brokers or replication factor
- first run if given a topic that doesn't already exist will cause the error \"Error: There are no known brokers: topic = '<topic>'\"
Requires >= Kafka-0.8010 Perl library, several improvements were made to the library at my request in order to support this program (0.8009 added taint security mode support, version 0.8009_1 added metadata retrieval)
See also '' which is a newer adjacent Python port with better underlying library support and is now the preferred check
Tested on Kafka 0.8.1, 0.8.2,
$VERSION = "0.3";
# Kafka lib requires Perl 5.10
use 5.010;
use strict;
use warnings;
use File::Basename;
use lib dirname(__FILE__) . "/lib";
use HariSekhonUtils;
use Data::Dumper;
use Kafka::Connection;
use Kafka::Consumer;
use Kafka::Producer;
use POSIX 'strftime';
use Scalar::Util 'blessed';
use Sys::Hostname;
#use Try::Tiny;
use Time::HiRes qw/time sleep/;
# Technically the default port is 6667 (and on Hortonworks sandbox) but it seems 9092 is more common so leaving it as 9092 for convenience
my $broker_list = undef;
my $topic = undef;
my $list_topics;
my $list_partitions;
my $partition = undef;
my $all_ISR = 0;
my $RequiredAcks = $WAIT_WRITTEN_TO_LOCAL_LOG;
my $send_max_attempts = 1;
my $receive_max_attempts = 1;
my $retry_backoff = $RETRY_BACKOFF; # set to 200ms by Kafka library
my $ignore_invalid_msgs;
my $sleep = 0.5;
%options = (
"B|broker-list=s" => [ \$broker_list, "Comma separated list of brokers in form 'host:port' to try if broker specified by --host and --port is not the leader. Either host or broker list must be supplied at the minimum. If --host isn't specified then first broker in the list will be use for metadata retrieval (\$KAFKA_BROKERS)" ],
"T|topic=s" => [ \$topic, "Kafka topic (\$KAFKA_TOPIC, default: nagios)" ],
"p|partition=s" => [ \$partition, "Kafka partition number to check by pushing message through (default: random)" ],
"R|required-acks=s" => [ \$RequiredAcks, "Required Acks from Kafka replicas. Default is 'LOG' which requires ack from Kafka partition leader, alternatively 'ISR' requires commit on all In-Sync Replicas, or specifying any integer which will block until this number of In-Sync Replicas ack the message (causing timeout - but will not wait for more acks than there are in-sync replicas)" ],
"I|ignore-invalid-messages" => [ \$ignore_invalid_msgs, "Ignore invalid messages, only try to find the unique message we produced in the stream. By default any invalid message since the offset when the program started could trigger a critical alert. Strong test of broker to leave this switch unset. Message we sent must be valid regardless, this is just to ignore some other producer problem" ],
"send-max-attempts=s" => [ \$send_max_attempts, "Max number of send attempts for Kafka broker (default: 1, min: 1, max: 100)" ],
"receive-max-attempts=s" => [ \$receive_max_attempts, "Max number of receive attempts for Kafka broker (default: 1, min: 1, max: 100)" ],
"retry-backoff=s" => [ \$retry_backoff, "Retry backoff in milliseconds between attempts (default: 200, min: 1, max: 10000)" ],
"sleep=s" => [ \$sleep, "Sleep in seconds between producing and consuming from given topic (default: 0.5)" ],
"list-topics" => [ \$list_topics, "List Kafka topics discovered from broker, then exit" ],
"list-partitions" => [ \$list_partitions, "List Kafka partitions for given topic (or all topics discovered from broker if --topic not specified), then exit" ],
splice @usage_order, 6, 0, qw/broker-list topic partition required-acks ignore-invalid-messages send-max-attempts receive-max-attempts retry-backoff sleep list-topics list-partitions/;
my @broker_list;
if(not defined($broker_list) and $ENV{'KAFKA_BROKERS'}){
vlog2 "inheriting \$KAFKA_BROKERS from environment";
$broker_list = $ENV{'KAFKA_BROKERS'};
my ($host2, $port2);
foreach(split(/\s*,\s*/, $broker_list)){
($host2, $port2) = split(/:/, $_);
$host2 = validate_host($host2, "broker");
$port2 = validate_port($port2, "broker");
push(@broker_list, "$host2:$port2") unless grep { "$host2:$port2" eq $_ } @broker_list;
$host = $host2;
$port = $port2;
# add host and port if not already in there since this is used as the authoritative list of brokers to report on throughout the code
unshift @broker_list, "$host:$port" unless grep { "$host:$port" eq $_ } @broker_list;
$host = validate_host($host);
$port = validate_port($port);
if(not defined($topic)){
vlog2 "inheriting \$KAFKA_TOPIC from environment";
$topic = $ENV{'KAFKA_TOPIC'};
} else {
$topic = "nagios";
$topic or usage "topic not defined";
$topic =~ /^([\w\.-]+)$/ or usage "topic must be alphanumeric and may contain dots, dashes and underscores";
$topic = $1;
vlog_option "topic", $topic;
$partition = validate_int($partition, "partition", 0, 10000) if defined($partition);
if($RequiredAcks eq "ISR"){
} elsif($RequiredAcks eq "LOCAL_LOG"){
} else {
isInt($RequiredAcks) or usage "--required-acks must be one of: ISR, LOG or an integer number >= 1";
vlog_option "required acks", $RequiredAcks;
# XXX: API Bug: doesn't allow zero attempts as of 0.8009
$send_max_attempts = validate_int($send_max_attempts, "send-max-attempts", 1, 100);
$receive_max_attempts = validate_int($receive_max_attempts, "receive-max-attempts", 1, 100);
$retry_backoff = validate_int($retry_backoff, "retry-backoff", 1, 10000);
$sleep = validate_float($sleep, "sleep", 0.1, 10);
$ENV{'PERL_KAFKA_DEBUG'} = 1 if $debug;
$status = "UNKNOWN";
my $broker_name = "";
if(scalar @broker_list > 1){
$broker_name .= "s ";
$broker_name .= " at " if scalar @broker_list == 1;
$broker_name .= join(",", @broker_list);
} else {
$broker_name = " at $host:$port" if $verbose;
my $epoch = time;
my $tstamp = strftime("%F %T", localtime($epoch));
my $random_string = random_alnum(20);
my $content = "This is a producer-consumer test message from HariSekhon:$progname:" . hostname . " at epoch $epoch ($tstamp) with random token: $random_string";
my ($connection, $consumer, $producer);
# XXX: API BUG don't call this until after fetching partition offsets as the API call $connection->is_server_alive() returns undef until that point even when broker is up
# UPDATE: this is now a new method, this old is_server_alive() has been renamed => is_server_connected() from Kafka 0.8009 library onwards
sub check_server_alive(){
# XXX: API BUG: trying this results in - Error: Can't call method "is_alive" on an undefined value at /Library/Perl/5.18/Kafka/ line 569.
# XXX: API BUG - always return false :(
quit "CRITICAL", "Kafka broker" . ( $verbose ? " at $host:$port": "") . " is not connected!";
sub check_cluster_errors(){
my $cluster_errors = $connection->cluster_errors();
# this happens routinely + randomly when one of the given brokers is down
#quit "CRITICAL", "cluster errors detected: " . Dumper(%$cluster_errors);
warn "cluster errors detected:\n" . Dumper(%$cluster_errors) if $verbose > 1;
my $start_time = time;
try {
vlog2 "connecting to Kafka broker$broker_name";
# default timeouts are 1.5 secs
$connection = Kafka::Connection->new(
#'broker' => $broker_list, # XXX: TODO
'host' => $host,
'port' => $port,
'broker_list' => \@broker_list,
# default timeout $REQUEST_TIMEOUT = 1.5 secs
#'timeout' => $timeout / 2,
# XXX: API bug these two arguments don't allow zero attempts
'SEND_MAX_ATTEMPTS' => $send_max_attempts,
'RECEIVE_MAX_ATTEMPES' => $receive_max_attempts,
'RETRY_BACKOFF' => $retry_backoff,
'AutoCreateTopicsEnable' => 0,
) or quit "CRITICAL", "failed to connect to Kafka broker$broker_name! $!";
vlog3 Dumper($connection) if $debug;
check_server_alive() unless @broker_list;
# API BUG: this returns the list of supplied brokers, not ones actually detected and doesn't really add value
#vlog2 "known servers: " . join(", ", $connection->get_known_servers());
# API BUG: similar problem to above, it always succeeds given broker - even when there is no broker ie connection refused
# unless(@broker_list){
# if($connection->is_server_known("$host:$port")){
# vlog2 "server $host:$port is known to Kafka cluster";
# } else {
# quit "CRITICAL", "server '$host:$port' is not known to Kafka cluster";
# }
# }
sub print_topic_partitions($$){
my $metadata = shift;
my $topic = shift;
print "Kafka topic '$topic' partitions:\n";
my $topic_metadata = get_field2($metadata, $topic);
foreach my $partition (get_topic_partitions($metadata, $topic)){
printf("\t\tPartition: %-8s Replicas: %-10s ISR: %-10s Leader: %s\n", $partition, join(",", get_field2_array($topic_metadata, "$partition.Replicas")), join(",", get_field2_array($topic_metadata, "$partition.Isr")), get_field2($topic_metadata, "$partition.Leader") );
print "\n";
sub get_topic_partitions($$) {
my $metadata = shift;
my $topic = shift;
# escape topics with dots in them for passing to get_field() subs
$topic =~ s/\./\\./g;
if(not defined($metadata->{$topic})){
quit "CRITICAL", "topic '$topic' does not exist on Kafka broker";
my $topic_metadata = get_field2($metadata, $topic);
return sort keys %$topic_metadata;
# XXX: how to check we're connected here if we can't get metadata??
my $metadata;
if(not defined($partition) or
$list_topics or
$list_partitions or
$verbose > 2 or
$metadata = $connection->get_metadata();
vlog3 "\nMetadata: " . Dumper($metadata) . "\n" if $debug;
vlog3 "\nMetadata:\n";
print "Topics:\n\n" . join("\n", sort keys %$metadata) . "\n";
if($list_partitions or
$verbose > 2 or
if($list_partitions or $verbose > 2){
if($list_partitions and $topic){
print_topic_partitions($metadata, $topic)
} else {
foreach my $topic (sort keys %$metadata){
print_topic_partitions($metadata, $topic)
exit $ERRORS{"UNKNOWN"} if $list_partitions;
vlog2 "connecting producer";
$producer = Kafka::Producer->new(
'Connection' => $connection,
'CorrelationId' => int(time),
'ClientId' => "Hari Sekhon $progname version $main::VERSION",
# XXX: Kafka doesn't wait for more acknowledgements than in-sync replicas
'RequiredAcks' => $RequiredAcks,
# default timeout $REQUEST_TIMEOUT = 1.5 secs
#'Timeout' => $timeout / 2,
) or quit "CRITICAL", "failed to connect producer to Kafka broker$broker_name! $!";
vlog3 Dumper($producer) if $debug;
#check_server_alive() unless @broker_list;
vlog2 "connecting consumer\n";
$consumer = Kafka::Consumer->new( Connection => $connection ) or quit "CRITICAL", "failed to connect consumer to Kafka broker$broker_name! $!";
vlog3 Dumper($consumer) if $debug;
if(not defined($partition)){
vlog2 "partition not specified, getting random partition";
my @partitions = get_topic_partitions($metadata, $topic);
$partition = $partitions[rand @partitions];
vlog2 "selecting random partition $partition";
unless($connection->exists_topic_partition($topic, $partition)){
quit "CRITICAL", "topic '$topic' has no partition '$partition', try --list-partitions to see list of configured Kafka partitions to check";
# When this partition number doesn't exist we get only this error thrown by the API
# : topic = '$topic'
vlog2 "retrieving current offsets\n";
my $offsets = $consumer->offsets($topic, $partition, $RECEIVE_LATEST_OFFSET);
vlog2 "received offsets for topic '$topic':\n";
vlog2 "partition $partition => offset $$offsets[0]";
# This always returns [offset, 0]
#foreach(my $i=0; $i < scalar @$offsets; $i++){
# vlog2 "partition $i => offset $$offsets[$i]";
} else {
quit "CRITICAL", "no offsets retrieved!";
#check_server_alive() unless @broker_list;
vlog2 "sending message to broker" . ( $verbose > 2 ? ":\n\n$content" : "" ) . "\n";
my $start_publish = time;
my $response = $producer->send(
# rand(1), # key
) or quit "CRITICAL", "failed to send message to Kafka broker$broker_name: $!";
my $publish_time = time - $start_publish;
vlog3 Dumper($response) if $debug;
#check_server_alive() unless @broker_list;
sleep $sleep;
vlog2 "fetching messages";
my $start_consume = time;
my $messages = $consumer->fetch($topic, $partition, $$offsets[0], $DEFAULT_MAX_BYTES) or quit "CRITICAL", "no messages fetched! $!";
my $consume_time = time - $start_consume;
@$messages or quit "CRITICAL", "no messages returned by Kafka broker$broker_name! $!";
#check_server_alive() unless @broker_list;
vlog2 "iterating on messages";
my $found = 0;
foreach my $message (@$messages){
vlog3 Dumper($message);
if(ref $message eq 'Kafka::Message'){
if ($message->valid){
if($message->payload eq $content){
vlog2 "found matching message: " . $message->payload;
# XXX: consider doing $check_invalid to ignore checking all messages for validity since we're only interested
} elsif($ignore_invalid_msgs){
vlog2 "ignoring invalid message at offset " . $message->offset . ", error: " . $message->error;
} else {
quit "CRITICAL", "error - message at offset " . $message->offset . " is not valid, error: " . $message->error . ". $nagios_plugins_support_msg_api";
} else {
code_error "returned message is not a Kafka::Message object! $nagios_plugins_support_msg_api";
#check_server_alive() unless @broker_list;
my $total_time = time - $start_time;
$publish_time = sprintf("%.4f", $publish_time);
$consume_time = sprintf("%.4f", $consume_time);
$total_time = sprintf("%.4f", $total_time);
my $perfdata = ", published in $publish_time secs, consumed in $consume_time secs, total time = $total_time secs | publish_time=${publish_time}s consume_time=${consume_time}s total_time=${total_time}s";
if($found == 1){
quit "OK", "message returned successfully by Kafka broker$broker_name$perfdata";
} elsif($found > 1){
quit "WARNING", "message returned $found times for Kafka broker$broker_name!";
} else {
quit "CRITICAL", "message not returned by Kafka broker$broker_name!";
catch {
if ( blessed( $_ ) && $_->isa('Kafka::Exception') ) {
quit "CRITICAL", 'Error: code: ' . $_->code . ', message: ' . $_->message;
} else {
if($_[0] eq "Can't get metadata: topic = '<undef>'"){
# XXX: workaround to lack of is_server_alive() is_server_connected() methods working
quit "CRITICAL", "failed to get metadata, broker offline or wrong port? (some deployments use 9092, some such as Hortonworks use 6667)";
quit "CRITICAL", "Error: $_[0]";
$msg .= " hit end of plugin";
quit $status, $msg;
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