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A react-native started kit using RN 0.60, androidX support, react-hooks, easy-peasy, Themes support and much more
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A good, up to date and easy to use starter and learning tool for beginners to intermediate.


  • Always up-to-date React Native 0.60 scaffolding.
  • Easy-Peasy makes it easy to access the global state.
  • Use of React Hooks optimizes the performance and increases reusability.
  • Provides a basic infrastructure, which can easily be used throughout the whole project.
  • ApiSauce Axios + standardized errors + request/response transforms.

Currently Includes

  • React-native 0.60
  • react-native-keychain
  • easy-peasy for state management
  • Hooks
  • react-navigation
  • react-native-vector-icons
  • Login Navigation Flow using React Context.
  • Themes support and much more
  • Multi - languages and locale support using i18n-js
  • Deeply integrated, production ready workflow

Ready to use templates

  • Loading /Login / Main app screens
  • extended Material Bottom Tabs Navigator (customizable) and Drawer Navigator using react-navigation
  • App Intro screens
  • Locale context , theme context
  • Api ready service
  • oAuth ready interceptor
  • material design components using react-native-paper
  • react-native-modal
  • easy-peasy models
  • useStorage() for async storage
  • useNetInfo() for network info
  • useTranslation() for i18n
  • useTheme() for using themes
  • ... much more

Getting Started

Step 1: Clone and Install

$ git clone

$ cd react-native-easy-starter

$ yarn

Step 2: Rename the app react-native-rename

$ yarn global add react-native-rename

$ react-native-rename <newName>

View more option

Step 3: Start the App

$ yarn start --reset-cache

$ yarn run android:dev

For release build (ANDROID)

see Generating signed apk

$ yarn run android:build

How can I contribute?

Bugs? Comments? Features? PRs and Issues happily welcomed!

  • ⭐️ Star our GitHub repo
  • 🔧 Create Fixes, suggest new features or update docs

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