This is a pack of Cortana scripts commonly used on our pentests.
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This is a pack of Cortana scripts commonly used on our pentests.

Currently Included:

load_all.cna - loads up every script contained in this pack
beacon.cna - adds the ability to replace icons on active beacon hosts, and adds a host label (so a filtering workspace can be created)
grabcreds.cna - does auto-hashdumping and mimikatz-running on new hosts to come in, and checks if a particular user is logged in
safetynet.cna - adds the ability to auto-inject 'safetynet' payloads into new hosts (beacons or otherwise)
user_hunter.cna - allows you to hunt for particular users on the network 
veil_evasion.cna - integrates the functionality of Veil-Evasion to generate AV-evading payloads that can optionally hook psexec calls
references.cna - adds useful reference links to the help menu

Cortana is an attack scripting languaged used to extend the functionality of Armitage or Cobalt Strike.

A more comprehensive set of Cortana scripts is maintained by the creator of Cortana/Armitage/Cobalt Strike (Raphael Mudge) and is located at

Raphael has also provided excellent tutorials on Cortana as well as Sleep, the langauge Cortana is built on.