[WIP] Browser UI for npm and yarn (scripts, dependencies …)
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I very quickly tried to make scaffolding for a UI on top of npm/yarn, like Sunil Pai suggested.

How to use

Right now it's not published. What you can already try is:

  • yarn develop and open localhost:3000
  • To try it on another project, run yarn link, switch to the project's root directory and run dev-ui


  • stream output correctly
  • get possible scripts (/scripts)
  • run script (/scripts/run/:script)
  • get installed dependencies (/dependencies)
  • install dependency
  • remove dependency
  • search for dependency (https://github.com/algolia/npm-search)
  • UI


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Sunil Pai


Haroen Viaene

💻 🐛 🚇 🤔 👀 ⚠️

Lucas Azzola

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💻 🎨 🤔

Raathigeshan Kugarajan

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