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This is a wrapper for the `defaults` commands that changes some things in the OS X Dock
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This is a wrapper for the defaults command defaults write persistent-apps -array-add '{"tile-type"="spacer-tile";}' and others. Those commands will add a new spacer (and more, read the source for more info) to the OS X dock.

This is tested on Yosemite - High Sierra, should be working for all versions from 10.5 and newer.


Clone this directory with

git clone

Or download the zip, if you play that way.

Another option is to curl the script

curl -o

And then just run the script from the downloaded directory.


Don't forget to give the file the proper permissions (to execute), by using chmod u+x

./ for one spacer.

./ -n 2 for 2.

./ -d for one documents (the right part) spacer

./ -d 2 for two document spacers

./ -t to make hidden apps transparent

./ -v to make hidden apps back regular

./ -s to enable scroll gestures in the Dock for exposé and opening folders

./ -s d to disable scroll gestures

./ -r to reset all changes made to the Dock

./ -h for help.

To remove a spacer, just drag it out of the dock.


Apache license 2.0. see License file.

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