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Get rid of those ugly emojis now! [stopped working 😢]

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No Facebook Emojis

Well, just as many of you, I dislike the new Facebook emojis quite a bit. So I made a browser extension that replaces it with regular old unicode emojis.

Doesn't work with the newer version of chat on Facebook.

Build Status


I think this is clear?

before after
before after

As you can see, from nice emojis, our conversation partner went online, that's a huge improvement!



  1. Download no-facebook-emoji.safariextz from the releases
  2. Open it in Safari
  3. Safari will prompt you to confirm the installation
  4. No more ugly emojis!

It will hopefully be available in the Safari Extensions Gallery soon.

Google Chrome

Soon on the Chrome Web Store, now in the releases

  1. Download chrome.crx from the releases
  2. Go to chrome://extensions
  3. Drag that file onto your browser and click agree


This is mostly tested on OS X because that's what I have and that's the OS that has proper support for unicode emojis. Windows also has support for emojis but they are a single colour and not very pretty.

How to fix this? You can try setting Emoji One or another font as default. Some useful links:


Maybe, let me know



  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • ... port the script yourself