Reimagining InstantSearch.js as a framework-agnostic library, a bachelor thesis
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Bachelor Thesis (Bachelorproef)

InstantSearch.js is a library that enables developers to quickly make powerful search interfaces with the Algolia service. As a library that is used in a vanilla JavaScript environment, it works well without forcing a development model. When it is used in a situation where the existing application already are using a framework, it imposes limitations on its usage. To counter this, React InstantSearch and others are made, to integrate well within the programming model of frameworks. In this process a need for abstraction of the logic of search components is felt. Filling this void with a new library called InstantSearch Core is the goal of this thesis.

To acquire sufficient knowledge of the challenges that are encountered, a preliminary study is executed. The website of Yarn now allows developers to find which dependencies to use, while also displaying rich statistics on each package’s detailed view. Knowledge is also acquired by maintaining and supporting the existing libraries of Algolia.

Rendered version

The latest pdf can be found in the github releases tab.


Apache 2.0