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// basic server configuration script
// note that some commands are commented out with //, and need to be uncommented and set to a value to work
// optional specific IP for server to use
// serverip N.N.N.N
// optional specific port for server to use
// serverport 35000
// maximum number of allowed clients
maxclients 8
// maximum number of bots a master can add - admins are unaffected by this limit
// set to 0 to disallow bots
serverbotlimit 8
// controls whether or not the server is intended for "public" use
// when set to 0, allows "setmaster 1" and locked/private mastermodes (for coop-editing and such)
// when set to 1, can only gain master by "auth" or admin, and doesn't allow locked/private mastermodes
// when set to 2, allows "setmaster 1" but disallows private mastermode (for public coop-editing)
publicserver 0
// description server shows for the server browser
serverdesc "Cardboard Server"
// password required to connect to the server
// generally unnecessary unless you really don't want anyone connecting to your server
// using the serverauth option allows people with an appropriate local authkey to connect regardless
// serverpass ""
// password that allows you to gain admin by "setmaster password_here"
// local authkeys are more secure than this and should be used instead if possible
// adminpass ""
// domain to use for local authkeys to the server so people can authenticate by "auth domain_here"
// must be a non-empty string that should be unique to your server to prevent clashes with other servers
// serverauth ""
// controls whether or not the server reports to the masterserver
updatemaster 1
// optional message of the day to send to players on connect
// servermotd "Change this message in the server-init.cfg file."
// controls whether admin privs are necessary to record a demo
// when 1 requires admin (default)
// when 0 only requires master
// restrictdemos 1
// maximum number of demos the server will store
// maxdemos 5
// maximum size a demo is allowed to grow to in megabytes
// maxdemosize 16
// whether or not to enable server-side demo recording automatically for every match
// when 1 will always record a server-side demo for every match
// when 0 will only record a demo for a match when requested (default)
// autorecorddemo 0
// controls whether admin privs are necessary to pause a game
// when 1 requires admin (default)
// when 0 only requires master
// restrictpausegame 1
// controls whether admin privs are necessary to change gamespeed
// when 1 requires admin (default)
// when 0 only requires master
// restrictgamespeed 1
// whether or not to allow players to vote on maps not in the rotation
// when 1 requires master
// when 2 requires admin
// when 0 allows any votes (default)
// lockmaprotation 0
// whether or not teams should persist across matches and avoid autobalancing
// when 1 teams persist across matches and don't autobalance
// when 0 teams automatically balance at the beginning of a match (default)
// persistteams 0
// whether or not overtime is enabled for matches
// when 1 enables overtime such that the match will keep going so long as scores are tied
// when 0 the match will always end after a fixed time whether or not anyone wins (default)
// overtime 0
// how long each match lasts in seconds
// matchtime 600
ffamaps = [
cosmic duabo flux fz_burn illusion indust1 neo_falls neo_noir precipice retrograde
parkourmaps = [
ftdeluxe secondevermap
ctfmaps = [
hr retrograde zigguraut
maprotation "*" $ffamaps
maprotation "?parkour" $parkourmaps
//maprotation "?capture ?hold" $capturemaps
maprotation "?ctf ?protect ?collect" $ctfmaps