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Turn your indented notes into HTML

How to use

Sublime Text 2

See indent.txt-sublime

Command line

python inputfile outputfile

Parses inputfile using the Indent.txt parser and saves the result to outputfile


Examples of all formatting marks can be found in test.txt with the results in output.html

  • Prefixing a line with a single asterisk (*) will wrap the item in an <em> tag
  • Prefixing a line with two asterisks (**) will wrap the item in a <strong> tag
  • Prefixing a line with two forward slashes (//) indicates a comment, excluding the line from the results. This will eventually be used for metadata and parser instructions.

Like Indent.txt?




Coming soon:

  • More formatting
  • Automatic table of contents
  • Mark lines as Todo.txt items