A JavaScript library to provide a program-friendly interface to learn 2018 of Tsinghua University
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This is a JavaScript library aimed to provide a program-friendly interface of web Learning of Tsinghua University. Only the newest version (learn2018) is supported.

This project is licensed under MIT License.


The library uses cross-fetch and real-isomorphic-fetch, which provides cookie and redirection support in both browsers and JS engines (like node).

I don't like polyfill. In case of any problems, just upgrade your browser / Node.


npm install --save thu-learn-lib

Build from source

Library version (for development or Node)

npm i && npm run build-lib

You can find the library version in lib/. It can be used in web development or imported with NodeJS (with all dependencies installed). It should not be directly used in browsers.

Bundled version (for browsers or Node)

npm i && npm run build-dist

You can find the bundled version in dist/. You can install it as an unpacked extension in Chrome and click the t icon in extension bar, then execute anything you want in the Console of Chrome Developer Tool. The helper class is attached as window.Learn2018Helper in this mode. Or you can just import index.js with NodeJS.

Use npm run watch-dist for watching file changes.


import { Learn2018Helper } from 'thu-learn-lib';
import { ContentType } from 'thu-learn-lib/lib/types'

// in JS engines, each instance owns different cookie jars
const helper = new Learn2018Helper();

// all following methods are async

// first login
const loginSuccess = await helper.login('user', 'pass');
// take out cookies (e.g. for file download), which will not work in browsers
// its type is require('tough-cookie-no-native').CookieJar

// get ids of all semesters that current account has access to
const semesters = await helper.getSemesterIdList();

// get get semester info
const semester = await helper.getCurrentSemester();

// get courses of this semester
const courses = await helper.getCourseList(semester.id);
const course = courses[0];

// get detail information about the course
const discussions = await helper.getDiscussionList(course.id);
const notifications = await helper.getNotificationList(course.id);
const files = await helper.getFileList(course.id);
const homework = await helper.getHomeworkList(course.id);
const questions = await helper.getAnsweredQuestionList(course.id);

// get content from bunches of courses
// the return type will be { [id: string]: Content }
// where Content = Notification | File | Homework | Discussion | Question
const homeworks = await helper.getAllContents([1, 2, 3], ContentType.HOMEWORK);

// logout if you want, the cookie jar will be cleared in Node
const logoutSuccess = await helper.logout();

According to security strategies (CORS, CORB) of browsers, you might need to run the code in the page context of https://learn2018.tsinghua.edu.cn and https://id.tsinghua.edu.cn. The simplest way is to run the code as a browser extension.


See lib/types.d.ts for type definitions.


  • v1.0.13

    • Decode HTML entities whenever possible
  • v1.0.12

    • Add url for Course
    • Fix url for Question (to display correct section name)
  • v1.0.11

    • Fix url error in Question
  • v1.0.10

    • Decode the HTML entities in the description field of homework
  • v1.0.9

    • Use entities to decode HTML entities
  • v1.0.8

    • Export type CourseContent
  • v1.0.7

    • No change made to code, update README
  • v1.0.6

    • Add API to fetching content for a list of courses
  • v1.0.5

    • Fix HTML entity replacement.
  • v1.0.4

    • No change made to code
    • Remove unused build commands
    • Fix multiple typos in README
  • v1.0.3

    • Add real logout API (thank @zhaofeng-shu33)
  • v1.0.2

    • Add API to get IDs of all semesters (thank @jiegec)
  • v1.0.1

    • Expose CookieJar in helper class
    • Fix some HTML entity decoding problems
    • Rename of some APIs (break compatibility before we have actual users)
  • v1.0.0

    • First release
    • Support parsing of notification, homework, file, discussion and answered questions

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