A solution for the 2018 Google HashCode competiton
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HashCode 2018

Score: 45,188,380

Position in UK: 61

Position in World: 779

This is our submission for HashCode 2018. This submission achieved 45,188,380 points, with the top team for the competition achieving 49,776,211. This put us around 779th on the scoreboard, but we submitted this revision a few seconds too late to make it on the the scoreboard. Our final position with our previously submitted solution was 1140 with 40,672,756 points.

HashCode was great fun, and we thoroughly enjoyed developing this. Please bear in mind we were terribly caffeine fueled, and we were rushing to get this done. The code is quite messy, and could be optimized more in the future if anyone is interested!

See you all next year!