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So you want to help code for HarryPotterSpells? That's great. Our respect for you has just improved greatly. Thank you.

We aren't as strict as some people when it comes to adding stuff to the code but there are a few basic guides you should follow. Each of the guides below corresponds to a different addition. Also make sure you test every single code you add! If you don't have the power to test then ask someone else to.

Remember what Zephos said when reading these guides:

Guidelines are just rules and rules are meant to be broken so guidelines are meant to be ignored.

Bug Fix & Spell Addition Guide

  1. Fork the code and fix the bug/add the spell.
  2. If your change has closed and issue please reference it in your commit.
  3. Add the change to the changelog or add the spell to the wiki.
  4. Submit a Pull Request!

Feature Addition Guide

  1. Before coding think whether the feature lives in the core plugin or an addon. If you are confused then ask someone.
  2. Add the feature.
  3. Add the feature to the changelog and the wiki.
  4. Submit a Pull Request!

Big Feature Addition Guide

  1. Make a new branch and put everything in there until the feature is finished and tested!
  2. Follow the Feature Addition Guide above.
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