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P2P dns resolution service based on a DHT and ECC

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Here is a timeline of events which got the project started

Hello all #isp of the world. We're going to add a new competing root-server since we're tired of #ICANN. Please contact me to help.

Peter Sunde via Twitter @brokep on November 27th, 23:08

Alternative DNS now has a temporary blog.

Peter Sunde via Twitter @brokep on 30 November 2010 08:00

Build instructions

For now you need the following libraries installed:

  • tokyocabinet, lightweight and fast embedded database
  • libevent >= 2.0, event based network, http & dns library
  • libgcrypt >= 1.4.1, general purpose crypto library based on the code used in GnuPG

You can also use cmake to build the project:

make [CMAKE_OPTS=<cmake options>]

Here are some of the variables you might want to tweak:

  • CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE - Debug or Release
  • CMAKE_C_FLAGS - Additional compiler flags
  • GCRYPT_PREFIX - Installation prefix of dependencies, if non-standard

This can be passed to CMake as follows:

cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -DLIBEVENT2_PREFIX=/opt/libevent2/


Usage: dnsp2p <options ...>

 -D <addr:port>    Listen address & port for DNS resolver (UDP)
 -A <addr:port>    Listen address & port for admin HTTP port (TCP)
 -P <addr:port>    Listen address & port for P2P connectivity (TCP+UDP)
 -s <file>         DB file for node state storage
 -p <file>         DB file for persistent publish storage
 -b <file>         Peer file containing bootstrap nodes 
 -h                Show this help

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More information at the wiki

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