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* added support for meta-methods (lua style): __get__, __set__, __call__
setmeta(dict,meta) getmeta(dict) getraw(dict) -> a dict that won't check
its meta-methods
* added some API testing to
* applied OSX patch by Atul Varma
* fixed to issue #14 by Dean
* updated meta-method patch to be more pythonic
* resolved Issue 19-Multiplying a string with a negative value crashes tinypy
by Denis
== 1.1 =========================================================================
* applied patch by Dean Hall to fix several range() bugs
* applied patch by Krzysztof Kowalczyk to add VS 2005, 2008 compatibility.
* reorganized the source so that contributed modules can go into contrib
* reorganized the reorganization so that modules go into modules
since that seems less confusing somehow
* added a crude pygame module - to see it in action:
$ python linux pygame
$ ./build/tinypy examples/
* added support for
from x import *
from x import y
* trimmed off 1064 bytes by changing all the tokens from dicts to
a Token class in tokenize, parse, encode modules
* applied patch by Seth Lemons to support /* */ comment stripping in and get tinypy up to -std=c89 spec
* cleaned up so that registers are no longer leaked
added assert after each frame to check that this is the case
* applied patch by KK to improve tinypy/ feedback
* applied patch by allefant to finish namespacing tinypy
* applied patch by allefant to keep blob->tinypy.h from having warnings
* added math module from Rockins Chen
* fixed precedent of **
* removed unused tp_data meta methods
* made tp_data API "safer" by requiring the magic type
* improved to handle the clean argument
* renamed some internal fnc names for no good reason
* added boot option to so that full boostrapping
isn't always required
* applied const correctness patch from allefant
* fixed memory leak in list & dict copy functions
* improved kwargs support
* got it compiling with -Wc++-compat
* applied ord patch from allefant
* fixed mingw build