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  1. Merged #848 Add fakeReader to sessions to populate progress bar as it builds and skips previously uploaded files minio/mc
  2. Merged #847 root-path --> working-directory minio/mc
  3. Merged #846 Treating --json as quiet mode for cp and sync operations minio/mc
  4. Merged #845 mc session related changes minio/mc
  5. Merged #694 Move memory code out, add it as layer on top of existing donut code - WIP minio/minio
  6. Merged #693 Add dummy driver for community to submit new drivers minio/minio
  7. Merged #692 IsValidBucket() is sufficient we don't need to verify for "." minio/minio
  8. Merged #844 Save session rootPath to handle sessions from anywhere, relative or absolute minio/mc
  9. Merged #691 Handle couple of cases of OOM conditions, move caching to GetObject() rather than PutObject() minio/minio
  10. Merged #690 Put object on successful write returns full metadata, to avoid subsequent GetObjectMetadata() calls in driver minio/minio
  11. Merged #689 Expand http server struct to store more values minio/minio
  12. Merged #688 Use errorChannels only for services not for drivers, reduce them to use simple functions minio/minio
  13. Merged #687 Move to Set() not Append() due to large memory reference copy minio/minio
  14. Merged #686 Add free() method for proxyReader to aggressively de-allocate Read data, to handle certain out of memory conditions minio/minio
  15. Merged #685 Add Append() method to trove cache for appending data to an existing key minio/minio
  16. Merged #684 Make sure to populate on disk data into memory upon first API requests minio/minio
  17. Merged #683 Add proper command paramters for donut minio/minio
  18. Merged #682 An attempt to bring in memory layer into donut driver minio/minio
  19. Merged #681 Keeping the lexical order same add optimizations, provide a comprehensive response from ListObjects() minio/minio
  20. Merged #680 Rename functions for their purpose minio/minio
  21. Merged #679 Object metadata was wrongly misconstrued to be mutable, handle it minio/minio
  22. Merged #678 Avoid racy maps, read from disk on success return quickly. Many more optimizations minio/minio
  23. Merged #677 Donut moves to typed metadata, removing the necessity for strconv, parsing and string converstions minio/minio
  24. Merged #676 Add new metadata definitions and use them - WIP minio/minio
  25. Merged #675 Import quick key value store from Minio Client for persistent state files, primarily for donut minio/minio
  26. Merged #674 Donut cleanup another set minio/minio
  27. Merged #673 Remove more bloated code - simplify minio/minio
  28. Merged #672 Add simple locking for donut API for now - fixes #671 minio/minio
  29. Merged #670 Go vet fixes for donut minio/minio
  30. Merged #841 Bump to new version - release-1435182969 minio/mc
  31. Merged #669 Add sha256 and sha512 windows compatibility layer minio/minio
  32. Merged #668 Fix a bug on windows regarding blockSSE3 calculation minio/minio
  33. Merged #667 Add windows code for sha1 and crc32c minio/minio
  34. Merged #840 Handle messages for writing aliases and configuration file differently minio/mc
  35. Merged #665 Fix wrong TMPFS listing in donut filesystem map minio/minio
  36. Merged #839 Rename isMcConfigExist to isMcConfigExists for brevity minio/mc

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