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A Chrome extension that saves your jobs to your Trello boards

Collect, track and manage your job applications from across the web with this open-source extension.

Add the job you just applied to right from the same tab, and it will add it to your Trello board.

pic-1 pic-2


• Create a ready-to-go kanban Trello board, or you can use your existing one.

• Save the posting URL, title, company, location, and more.

• Pre-populate data from LinkedIn postings - more to come soon!

• View your job statistics right from the extension 📈

Organize your job hunt by installing this extension now! Use any existing boards, or automate a ready to go board with necessary lists.

Install it here

🌐 Chrome: Webstore link


😇 You can support this project in a number of ways:

  • 🗨️ Recommending new features on GitHub
  • 💻 Contributing (or improving) your amazing coding skills to solve bugs and add new features - GitHub
  • 💬 Sharing it to other job seekers
  • 💖 Donating to me

Want to contribute?

Thank you for your interest in making this extension even better! 😊
If you'd like to report a bug or recommend a feature, please add it on the issues page.
If you'd like to add a feature or fix any existing bugs, read ahead:

Setting it up

🔧 Here are a few steps on how to set this extension up:

  1. Make sure you have enabled developer mode in Chrome at chrome://extensions
  2. Clone this repo, and press 'Load unpacked' from chrome://extensions to load this extension
  3. Go to key.js and replace the field of your own APP_KEY. It can found out at
  4. Add the Chrome extension ID to Allowed origins section in the same Trello page (e.g. chrome-extension://okpdemdmpglaapjpbdphmfhlfjbilbpc)

That's it! You should be able to use the extension and see your cards on Trello.
Don't forget to add the ID in app-key page, or you will receive an invalid_redirect error during authorization.


  1. Jeremie Bornais for helping with the name and logo of the extension
  2. Jameel Jiwani for helping me with Trello oauth and common JavaScript issues!
  3. Prakort Lean for various bug fixes, adding new features and helping with Firefox expansion.

Other contributors can be found at GitHub