Allow a PS2 or USB keyboard to be used with a Commodore 64/128 in place of the original Commodore keyboard.
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============================ C64 PS2-USB Keyboard


This is an early incomplete version

This project is designed to allow a PS2 or USB keyboard to be used with a Commodore 64/128 in place of the original Commodore keyboard.


  • Arduino Uno (PS2 Only) or Arduino Due (PS2 or USB)

  • MT8812 or MT8816 Analog Cross switch

  • 20 pin female header or male header with cable (PATA cable will work)

  • Arduino shield PCB.

    • Any universal PCB that will line up correctly.
  • PS2 keyboard

    • matching socket or cut/strip and directly wire.
  • USB Keyboard

    • USB Type A female to Micro B male adapter.


  • MT88XX.xml

    • Basic wiring chart.
  • KEYBIN.xml

    • MT88XX AY/AX - Commodore header table.


  • Copy the C64keyboard sub-folder into your Arduino library directory.

    • Typically in windows this is located in your user document directory under: \Arduino\libraries
  • Using the Arduino IDE upload the sketch: C64_keyboard.ino : into your Arduino.


  • The Arduino UNO can be powered from the C64 keyboard header Pin 4

  • The Arduino DUE CANNOT BE POWERED FROM THE C64 KEYBOARD HEADER! It will be unstable.

  • Currently I am using a cable with clips and barrel connector to the power port on the Arduino.

    • I am connecting the positive(center) to the + side of C19. This is about 10V unregulated. A regulated power source is not needed as the Arduino regulates the power from the power port.

    • Pulling off the 12v regulator has been suggested. However, it appears to cause noise and I have difficultly with the programming connection in this configuration.

    • Suggestions for other places to get the 7v-12v power supply are welcomed. Again this does not need to be regulated.

Version 0.8

  • Still Early release version!

  • Defines are now in the c64keyboard header file. The Arduino project file is now empty except to start the interrupt service.

  • All pins and special keys are defined instead of direct values with the exception of shift, key break and caps lock as they should never need to be changed.

  • Keyboard maps are now in a separate header file: keymapping.h

  • Up to 3 key maps can be stored and hot swapped with assigned keys (Default F9-F11)

  • First wave of code cleanup is done

  • Default key map almost finished, with just a couple of problem keys remaining.

  • KEYBIN file has been improved and released in a plain text version


  • Implement Extended key code support if needed/desired.

  • Add USB support. This should be simple, not even requiring interrupt service. It appears mostly to be converting USB scan codes.

  • Write function to turn keyboard LEDs on/off, mostly for Caps lock. Thinking about blinking scroll lock LED to reflect selected key map when changed.

  • Release schematic for shield board.

Version 0.5

  • Early release!!!

  • USB support not included.

  • Some timing issues still exist.

  • Not optimized or fully commented.

  • Modularity for easy keymap implementation needs to be added

  • Not all keys are programmed!! Mostly positional at the moment.