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Build status

Hello friend stay a while and read this!

This is my hobby project which I create for "Get Noticed!" competition. I hope in future this will be fully featured game engine, but for now it not suitable for any real development.

If you want to run this you need Visual Studio 2015. All dependencies are in the repository right now. In order to run on your machine use:

git clone --recursive

Features in development (if you want more recent feature list please took on trello board):

  • type information system,
  • component model game objects,
  • scene system,
  • 2d renderer,
  • Camera 2d,
  • True Type Font rendering,
  • common components such as transform2d or sprite animation,
    • Transform 2d,
    • Sprite 2d,
    • Sprite animation,
    • Collider,
    • Clickable component,
    • Font,
    • Sprite atlas,
    • Particle system
    • Pathfing system
  • game services for music, asset loading and so on,
    • Audio services,
    • Asset management service,
    • Logging service,
  • Utilities
    • Publisher - Subscriber events,
    • CSV parser,
    • Timer,
    • Simple math types like potnt and rectangle,
  • Box2d integration,
  • Tiled maps integration,
    • Data structures
    • Parsing
    • Scene creation mechanism
    • Tile layer component
    • Tile layer renderer
  • Lua scripting,
  • Visual Studio independent build system,
  • and so on.

I will update this readme in future so stay tuned!