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Cache dispatcher.
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Cachecontrol allows to manage cached values and easily link them to Model signals



import cachecontrol
cachecontrol.autodiscover() file

Method to attach cache to the model is to define keypairs. Each defined keypair creates model's save and delete signal. func takes chenged model and returns number of changed vary_on arg and value of this arg. When the signal is called, it gets varied arg and deletes all caches with this arg.

from cachecontrol import registry
from models import MyModel

caches = [
    #(cache_name, number of vary_on args, [(model, func) keypairs])
    ('cache_of_0_args', 0, [(MyModel, lambda obj: None )]),
    ('cache_of_2_args', 2, [(MyModel, lambda obj: (0, )]),



{% load controlledcache %}
{% controlledcache 600 cache_of_2_args page_number %}
{# controlledcache expire_timeout cache_name [vary_on args|...] #}
{% endcontrolledcache %}
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