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HarvardCards is a web-based flashcard application for students who want to memorize words, media, or concepts and instructors who want to assess student progress. It is open source and released under the BSD License.


To install the application locally you can:

  • Manually install the application and and run the django server.
  • Use our Vagrant and VirtualBox configuration to setup a VM that will host and run the application, so you don't have to worry about installing dependencies.

Manual Quickstart

Requires python 2.7.x and pip to install.

$ git clone harvardcards
$ cd harvardcards
$ pip install -r harvardcards/requirements/local.txt
$ ./ syncdb
$ ./ migrate
$ ./ runserver

You should now be able to access the application at: http://localhost:8000

Tip: If you're familiar with python's virtualenv, it's recommended to setup a virtualenv for the application first. See the documentation for how to install and activate it.


  • Requires postgres to be installed on your system. See harvardcards/settings/ for the configuration settings.
  • Requires external image manipulation libraries to be installed on your system. See Pillow documentation.

Vagrant Quickstart

Make sure you have Vagrant and VirtualBox installed on your computer. Note that this has only been tested on unix-based machines.

$ git clone && cd HarvardCards
$ vagrant box add precise32
$ vagrant up

You should now be able to access the application at: http://localhost:8000

You should be able to login as "admin" (which is also the password) at: http://localhost:8000/admin