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Gradescope Autograder sample setup

This repository contains a sample autograder setup, as well as instructions for students to submit R assignments to Gradescope for automatic feedback. This is based on work done for GOV 50: Data in the fall semester of 2020, generously shared by Tyler Simko, one of the TFs for the course. If interested in this repository, you should first take a look at the Gradescope Autograder docs for a more full understanding of how the Gradescope Autograder works.

Autograder setup

The autograder_setup folder contains a sample setup for the Gradescope autograder, including a sample .Rmd file for test submissions. The autograder setup is in the autograder folder, and includes, which installs dependencies on a virtual autograder machine, run_autograder, which sets up the file structure after a submission and calls autograde_assignment_1.R, which is the last file and the one which produces the results.json output file that Gradescope expects. This is based on Michael Guerzhoy's R autograde gradescope repository, with substantial additions for more complex grading.

Student-facing instructions

The assignment_instructions directory contains an Rmd file that powered a page on, where students could find instructions on accessing materials through GitHub Classroom and submitting them to Gradescope.


Based on work done in Gov 50 in Fall 2020, an example setup for using Gradescope's autograder with R






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