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Multiple Masternodes setup Guide

Step-by-step guide for starting multiple masternodes (3 masternodes in this example)


  • Harvest wallet running on your local computer with at least 5000 harvestcoins for every masternode
  • white static IP with open ports for masternodes

STEP 1 : Preparing masternodes

1 - Choose the place where you will hold your masternodes dirs (you need 1Gb free space for every masternode)

2 - Create folder "HarvestMN1" there

3 - Copy file "Harvest-qt.exe" in folder "HarvestMN1"

4 - Create in folder "HarvestMN1" new folder "data"

5 - Copy file "blk0001.dat" and folder "txleveldb" in created folder "data"

6 - Rename "Harvest-qt.exe" to the "Harvest-mn1.exe"

7 - Press Win+R and type "cmd" and press Enter

8 - Now type there:

echo start Harvest-mn1.exe -datadir=./data > %homepath%/Desktop/startmn1.cmd

9 - Move file "startmn1.cmd" from Desktop to the "HarvestMN1" folder

10 - Repeat the process from step 2 for each masternode you want to created, with changing mn1 to mn2, mn3

11 - Run startmn1.cmd, startmn2.cmd and startmn3.cmd, wait for complete loading wallets and complete syncing with blockchain

12 - Now you can exit from each running masternode wallets

STEP 2 : Preparing controller wallet

1 - Open your main wallet where you have your coins

2 - Go to Receive tab

3 - Press button "New address" and enter "Masternode 1" in Label (do not check "Stealth address")

4 - Press button "New address" and enter "Masternode 2" in Label (do not check "Stealth address")

5 - Press button "New address" and enter "Masternode 3" in Label (do not check "Stealth address")

4 - Send to all this address exactly 5000 Harvest by one transaction. This can be done by going to Send button and clicking on add recipient two times. And fill all 3 address on pay to and 5000 as amount.

5 - Wait for 1 confirmation of transaction and go to the Debug console

6 - Run command "masternode genkey" and write down generated key (this is your masternode private key)

7 - Run command "masternode outputs" and write down hexnumbers (this is your masternode tx) and digit after ":" (this is tx index)

You will get 3 output like

{ "60835a7d867d335434925c32f38902268e131e99a5821557d3e77f8ca3829fd8" : "0", "60835a7d867d335434925c32f38902268e131e99a5821557d3e77f8ca3829fd8" : "1", "60835a7d867d335434925c32f38902268e131e99a5821557d3e77f8ca3829fd8" : "2" }

8 - Go to Masternodes tab and switch to the "My Masternodes"

9 - Press button "Create"

10 - Enter "Alias" - "MN1" (do not use spaces and special charatcers)

11 - Enter "Address" - "YOUREXTERNALIP:PORT" (your external white ip and port for masternode)

12 - Enter "Privkey" - masternode private key you generated with "masternode genkey"

13 - Enter "TxHash" - masternode tx from "masternode outputs" command

14 - Enter "Output Index" - tx index from "masternode outputs" command

15 - Now you can press "Ok"

16 - Repeat process from step 6 for MN2 and MN3. With renaming MN1 to MN2 and MN3 and changing port When you get to step 7 "masternode outputs" in second time you will see 2 lines with txhash and index. You must choose the First line with txhash for MN1 second for MN2 third for MN3.

17 - Press "Update" and you will see all three masternodes in list with status "Not in the masternode list. "Steps 8-15 creates masternode.conf. You can skip this steps and create it by yourself. It have format:

ALIAS IP:PORT PRIVKEY TXHASH OUTPUTINDEX One line - one masternode config

STEP 3 : Configuring masternodes

1 - Go to "HarvestMN1/data" folder

2 - Open "Harvest.conf" in Notepad

3 - Type there:

port=PORT masternode=1 masternodeaddr=IP:PORT masternodeprivkey=PRIVKEY

4 - Replace PORT with port for your Masternode 1, IP:PORT with your external white ip and the same port for you Masternode 1

5 - Replace PRIVKEY with masternode private key you generated with "masternode genkey" in controller wallet for Masternode 1

6 - Save it and repeat process for Masternode 2 and Masternode 3.

STEP 4 : Starting masternodes

1 - Now you can restart all your masternodes by executing the file "startmn1.cmd", "startmn2.cmd" and "startmn3.cmd"

2 - Go to controller wallet, check that your coins in Masternode 1, 2 and 3 addresses have at least 15 confirmations.

3 - Go to Masternodes tab and switch to the "My Masternodes"

4 –Press "Start All"

Thats all folks. You have created 3 working masternodes. Don't be afraid to running PoS on controller wallet. It's do not damaged your masternode transactions because all masternode coins will be excluded from PoS.

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