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Latest commit 06e7ddd Feb 13, 2017 @elbing elbing Keymaps are back
Now I have an ES keyboard map :-)

Signed-off-by: Álvaro Jurado <elbingmiss@gmail.com>
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.github Update ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md Jul 4, 2016
386/include vga: move to using a 386 ureg struct Dec 22, 2015
aarch64 Add ACPI-types compatibility file for building ACPI on ARM. Oct 26, 2016
acme Remove non-standard Ken C pragmas. Aug 20, 2016
adm Plan 9 from Bell Labs 2013-01-25 Jan 25, 2013
amd64 GCC flags for bldy in Debian Feb 8, 2017
cfg add dhcp server and tftp server configs for harvey minicluster. Jul 9, 2015
cron/sys ref #9: rm /cron/upas Nov 14, 2015
external_example Move plan9-extensions option into only those places that need it Apr 22, 2016
lib ACPI: further progress Sep 5, 2016
mail mv mail/box/glenda mail/box/harvey Nov 14, 2015
mnt Adding /mnt/plumb for making happy drawterm Sep 17, 2016
rc Semiworking console. Feb 12, 2017
riscv riscv: tweak prog.ld Dec 29, 2016
sys Keymaps are back Feb 14, 2017
usr/harvey Restore some plumbing capabilities. Sep 14, 2016
util Merge branch 'master' into usb-devices Feb 8, 2017
.clang-format clang-format: switch of sorting includes and better pointer alignment Aug 12, 2016
.gitignore .gitignore: ignore bldy and third party src Jan 4, 2017
.gitmodules UFS: remove ninep submodule Aug 21, 2016
.mailmap Update .mailmap Jul 2, 2016
.mention-bot Rename .mention_bot to .mention-bot Mar 6, 2016
.travis.yml ci: add OLD_BUILD=false to the matrix Nov 8, 2016
BUILD bldy: fix amd64 fixes for harvey Jan 31, 2017
CONTRIBUTING.md gh: some public facing changes Aug 25, 2016
LICENSE GNU General Public License Feb 1, 2015
LICENSE.afpl Plan 9 from Bell Labs 2003-06-29 Jun 29, 2003
LICENSE.gpl GNU General Public License Feb 1, 2015
NOTICE GNU General Public License Feb 1, 2015
README.md License image. Oct 13, 2016
bldy.cfg bldy: .build -> bldy.cfg Jan 31, 2017
bootstrap.sh bootstrap: fix the bldy start instructions Jan 31, 2017
build.json riscv: fix setjmp/longjmp test regress/longjmp.c Dec 20, 2016
clean.json Fix the clean rule May 13, 2016
l Simple script to enable remote console Jul 2, 2015



Harvey: A distributed operating system

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Welcome to Harvey, we are delighted that you are interested in the project.

What is harvey?

Harvey is a distributed operating system. It is direct descendant of Plan 9 from Bell Labs which was originally developed by the same group at Bell Labs that invented Unix and C.

  • Take a look at the Getting Started guide to learn how to get Harvey and how to play with it.
  • You enjoyed playing with Harvey and you want to help out? Great! Take a look at our Contribution Guide. The contribution guide covers a wide variety of topics including the Harvey coding style, Code of Conduct, where to get help and so on.
  • We also cover a wide variety of topics on our wiki and apex's wiki.
  • If the information you are looking for is not on the wiki, ask the Mailing list or Slack for help. It is where most of the development conversation happens.
  • Man Pages are where you can read man pages from the head of the repository.
  • Harvey also has a blog and a twitter account where we share news and things we are excited about.