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Scriptable tone detection and audio analysis


  • goertzel.c

    • Does all the dirty work using Goertzel algorithm
    • Detect specified tones and print their levels
    • Filter tones using tresholds
      • Eg.: Print levels only when treshold is crossed (=event detection)
    • TODO
      • treshold hysteresis
  • Sample scripts using goertzel.c

    • decodes DTMF signals in audio
    • shows goertzel output in ASCII graphs
    • example using to draw realtime equalizer
    • example using to tune guitar (currently only to low E)
    • Generates frequency on soundcard output and detects it on input
      • Can be used to detect and log motion using soundcard and PIR sensor or NC switch
    • Generates gnuplot graph from sleeplog
    • TODO
      • Send me more...