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SōkoMan Instalation Guide

  • Install following software
    • DB (currently tested only on MySQL)
    • WebServer with PHP>=5 support
    • GNU Barcode
    • ImageMagick
  • Download source (and unpack it) somewhere in webserver wwwroot
    • Make sure that PHP can write to images/ and barcodes/
  • Create new DB
    • load install.sql dump into it
  • Copy sklad.conf.php.example to sklad.conf.php
    • Set DB_* constants to match your DB settings
    • Optionaly you can
      • Set LOCALE_LANG (eg.: en, cs,...)
      • Set INSTANCE_ID (this is how you call your instalation, hostname, organization, etc...)
      • Set BARCODE_TYPE (that will be used for printing barcodes)
      • Set BARCODE_PREFIX (this will be used for generating unique barcodes if you have more instalations)
      • Set $internal_auth_users (If you want to use login credentials different from your DB user/password)
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