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Boss is an open source dependency manager inspired by npm
for projects developed in Delphi and Lazarus.


Getting started


Available Commands

> Init

This command initialize a new project. Add -q or --quiet to initialize the boss with default values.

boss init
boss init -q
boss init --quiet

> Install

This command install a new dependency

boss install <dependency>

The dependency is case insensitive. For example, boss install horse is the same as the boss install HORSE command.

boss install horse // By default, look for the Horse project within the GitHub Hashload organization.
boss install fake/horse // By default, look for the Horse project within the Fake GitHub organization.
boss install // By default, searches for the Horse project within the Fake GitLab organization.
boss install // You can also pass the full URL for installation
Aliases: i, add

> Uninstall

This command uninstall a dependency

boss uninstall <dependency>
Aliases: remove, rm, r, un, unlink

> Cache

This command removes the cache

 boss config cache rm
Aliases: remove, rm, r

> Dependencies

This command print all dependencies and your versions. To see versions, add aliases -v

boss dependencies
boss dependencies -v
Aliases: dep, ls, list, ll, la

> Version

This command show the client version

boss v
boss version
boss -v
boss --version
Aliases: v

> Update

This command update installed dependencies

boss update
Aliases: up

> Upgrade

This command upgrade the client latest version. Add --dev to upgrade to the latest pre-release.

boss upgrade
boss upgrade --dev

> login

This command Register login to repo

boss login <repo>
boss adduser <repo>
boss add-user <repo>
boss login <repo> -u UserName -p Password
boss login <repo> -k PrivateKey -p PassPhrase
Aliases: adduser, add-user


> Global

This flag defines a global environment

boss --global
Aliases: -g

> Help

This is a helper for boss. Use boss <command> --help for more information about a command.

boss --help
Aliases: -h

Another commands

delphi           Configure Delphi version
gc               Garbage collector  
publish          Publish package to registry
run              Run cmd script


boss install horse
boss install horse:1.0.0
boss install -g delphi-docker
boss install -g boss-ide

Using semantic versioning to specify update types your package can accept

You can specify which update types your package can accept from dependencies in your package’s boss.json file.

For example, to specify acceptable version ranges up to 1.0.4, use the following syntax:

  • Patch releases: 1.0 or 1.0.x or ~1.0.4
  • Minor releases: 1 or 1.x or ^1.0.4
  • Major releases: * or x

💻 Code Contributors