Prick.js lightweight web framework for node,js. Apologies for the bad name. I named it without knowing the other meaning of `Prick`
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A simple web framework for Node.js

There's example.js for you to checkout and the there code is documented.

  • import prick

    var prick = require('prick');
  • create a new prick

    var app = new prick(); // skipping the new keyword is ok too
  • Start pricking urls

    app.forPath("/xyz", function(request, response){
        response.writeHead(200, {"Content-Type":"text/html"})
        response.write("<h1>hello world</h1>");
  • Incase of a regex url pass a regex object and a match is passed to your callback

    app.forPath("/xyz", function(request, response, match){
        response.writeHead(200, {"Content-Type":"text/html"})
        response.write("the match is "+ match);

404s are handled based on unfinished responses, so if you leave a request unended... i'll threaten you with a 404 :)

Right now there's no default headers. So this damn thing sounds lengthy. I'll fix this soon.


  • helpers to set headers and status code
  • Static file handlers
  • WebSocket support (via Faye)
  • Session and cookie support
  • Dependency management

Until then take a look at example.js for some goodness :)

Happy message

I'm happy coz I can say...

"dude, I wrote a web framework".

Ok seriously, I wrote this because I wanted to learn how frameworks worked and I needed a nice little framework to handle static files too (easily). Haven't reached that milestone, but soon will.