Ansible role to setup server with Elixir & Postgres to deploy apps
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Tool to deploy Elixir & Phoenix apps to servers.

Docs: [Configuration], [Hot code-reloading], [prod.secret.exs file], [Logs]


  • 1-command setup & deploys
  • Ships with Postgres support
  • Automatically creates a prod.secret.exs file
  • Deploy multiple hobby apps on a $5 DigitalOcean server
  • Custom domains
  • Hot code-reloading using exrm
  • Monitoring & automatic restarts using monit
  • Organized as an Ansible role, BUT requires no knowledge of Ansible

To deploy to Heroku, use the Heroku Elixir buildpack instead.


$ pip install ansible
$ ansible-galaxy install HashNuke.elixir-stack

# assuming your SSH key is called `id_rsa`
# run this everytime you start your computer
$ ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa

If the above commands fail, try with sudo. For Mac OS X, Ansible is also available on homebrew.

Setup your project

1.) Add exrm as your project's dependency in mix.exs

defp deps do
  [{:exrm, "~> 0.18.1"}]

2.) In your project dir, run following command:

$ curl -L | bash


Checkout the documentation on configuration options

Deploy your project

Assuming you have root SSH access to the server

To deploy the first time
$ ansible-playbook playbooks/setup.yml
To update your project
$ ansible-playbook playbooks/deploy.yml

By default the application is restarted on each deploy. Read how to enable hot code-reloading.


  • Is this only meant for small $5 servers?
    Should fit servers of any size. In that case you could also increase the swap and npm

  • How to have different set of servers for staging and production?
    Use the inventory file as a template and maintain different inventory files for staging and production. Let's say your staging inventory file is called staging.inventory, then you could do ansible-playbook setup.yml -i staging.inventory (and similar for deploy). Notice the -i switch. B/w if you are going this way, you probably should learn Ansible or hire someone who knows it