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Arduino ruby gem

This gem is a prototyping API for Arduino in Ruby. Helps prototype Arduino programs quickly from the computer, without the need to burn to the board frequently.


  1. Install the gem: gem install arduino
  2. Load arduino.pde onto your Arduino dev board (just once and for all).
  3. Import the arduino gem: require "arduino"


Initializing:, baudrate)
board ="/dev/ttyUSB1")

Port is something like "/dev/ttyUSB0" on linux and COMx (COM1/COM2) on windows. Baudrate is optional. It is 115200 by default.

Setting output pins

The output pins must be set explicitly.


You don't need to declare input pins since digital pins are input by default according to the page on the Arduino site -

Digital I/O

  1. Arduino.setHigh(pin)
  2. Arduino.setLow(pin)
  3. Arduino.getState(pin) - returns true if pin state is high, else it returns false

Analog I/O

  1. Arduino.analogRead(pin) - returns the analog value
  2. Arduino.analogRead(pin, value) - sets the analog value


1.) Arduino.turnOff - sets all the pins to low state

2.) Arduino.close - closes serial connection. Using this makes sure that you won't have to disconnect & reconnect the Arduino again to recover the serial port.

Usage example

	# This is the blink program.

	require "arduino"

	#specify the port Baudrate is optional and set to 115200 by default
	board ="/dev/ttyUSB1")

	#declare output pins

	#perform operations
	10.times do

Developed for the love of creating stuff by

© 2010 Akash Manohar under the MIT License


Thanks to the following people:

  • @unsymbol - for fixing the Ubuntu reset problem