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An agile project planning tool

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Fulcrum (Bushido fork)

Fulcrum is an application to provide a user story based backlog management system for agile development teams.

This fork of Fulcrum adds support to work on Bushido. It does work normally when hosted on platforms other than Bushido.


Fulcrum is a clone of Pivotal Tracker. It will almost certainly never surpass the functionality, usability and sheer awesomeness of Pivotal Tracker, but aims to provide a usable alternative for users who require a Free and Open Source solution.


Please note, any resemblance of the roadmap to the actual development timeline is purely coincidental.

  • User accounts
  • Projects
  • Stories, Bugs and Chores
  • Iterations
  • Comments
  • CSV import / export
  • Time tracking


Copyright 2011, Malcolm Locke.

Fulcrum is made available under the Affero GPL license version 3, see LICENSE.txt.

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