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This is a TCP implementation of the Quote of the Day protocol in C++, Node.js, Java, Python3 and Scala. They listen on port 17 and send a random quote from qotd.txt.

You need to use sudo so it can run on port 17.

Try it out

To run the C++ version:

make qotd
sudo ./qotd

To run the Node.js version:

sudo node qotd.js

To run the Java version:

javac QOTD.java
sudo java QOTD

To run the Python version:

chmod +x qotd.py
sudo ./qotd.py


sudo python3 qotd.py

You must have already installed python3.

There also exists a multi-threaded Java version:

javac MultiThreadedQOTD.java
sudo java MultiThreadedQOTD

To run the Scala version:

scala qotd.scala

To try it out run:

nc localhost 17


telnet localhost 17