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A small plugin to with ID3 tags on audio files.
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Kirby Gilmour : Work Audio file ID3 Data

A small plugin to with ID3 tags on audio files.


  • File method for querying the file directly and getting the info straight from the ID tag.
  • File hook that pulls the most useful into into a file meta on upload. This is quicker to retrieve later.
  • Capable of ripping the Album Cover image embedded in the tag and storing it as a file in the panel (Oh yes!).

Commercial Usage

This plugin is free but if you use it in a commercial project please consider to



Download and copy this repository to /site/plugins/kirby-gilmour.


composer require hashandsalt/kirby-gilmour

How to use Gilmour

First, of course, you need some audio files on your page, and optionally, setup a files blueprint to store data. You can use the one in the plugin by extending it into your own blueprints, or just copy it and use it as a starting point.

The following information will be available:

  • album
  • artist
  • title
  • track
  • composer
  • genre
  • year
  • duration

Ripping Cover art

You can toggle the generation of album cover artwork, and set the blueprint for cover art images by adding the following options to your config:

'hashandsalt.gilmour.ripcover' => true,
'hashandsalt.gilmour.imagetemplate' => 'imageart',


You can use the file method to get the data directly from an audio file:

<?= $file->id3('artist') ?>

Or you can use the data fetched by the hook:

<?= $file->artist() ?>

To get the cover art image:

<img src="<?= $file->id3('cover')?>">

Loop through some files getting the data directly:

<?php foreach($page->audio() as $mp3direct): ?>
<div class="album">

<?php if($coverimage = $mp3direct->cover()->tofile() ): ?>
  <img alt="<?= $mp3direct->title() ?> - <?= $mp3direct->album() ?>" src="<?= $coverimage->url()  ?>">
<?php endif ?>

    <li><?= $mp3direct->id3('album') ?></li>
    <li><?= $mp3direct->id3('artist') ?></li>
    <li><?= $mp3direct->id3('title') ?></li>
    <li><?= $mp3direct->id3('track') ?></li>
    <li><?= $mp3direct->id3('composer') ?></li>
    <li><?= $mp3direct->id3('genre') ?></li>
    <li><?= $mp3direct->id3('year') ?></li>
    <li><?= $mp3direct->id3('duration') ?></li>
<?php endforeach ?>

Loop through some files getting the data from meta:

<?php foreach($page->audio() as $mp3meta):?>
<div class="album">

<?php if($imagecover = $mp3meta->cover()->tofile() ): ?>
  <img alt="<?= $mp3meta->title() ?> - <?= $mp3meta->album() ?>" src="<?= $imagecover->url()  ?>">
<?php endif ?>

    <li><?= $mp3meta->album() ?></li>
    <li><?= $mp3meta->artist() ?></li>
    <li><?= $mp3meta->title() ?></li>
    <li><?= $mp3meta->track() ?></li>
    <li><?= $mp3meta->composer() ?></li>
    <li><?= $mp3meta->genre() ?></li>
    <li><?= $mp3meta->year() ?></li>
    <li><?= $mp3meta->duration() ?></li>
<?php endforeach ?>

Why is it called Gilmour?

There is only one guitarist in the world and his name is David Gilmour.



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